Nailing Your Colors

Getting a manicure for many was a form of luxury.   This is no longer the case nowadays.   It is a necessity.  It should definitely be part of your beauty regime.  Why think of it this way, you are well groomed, hair done, makeup, your best attire; nail polished -chipped, nails cracked, uneven, unpolished.  Why would you do that to yourself.  Some people pay attention to details it is noticed.  Even as a celebrity manicurists I make it my point to keep my nails well groomed.  They may not always be polished with a color, I at least try to keep a base coat and top coat on it.  Some I recommend are m2m damoreJon 3 for 1, Sally Hanson hard as nails, Nail Tek, Diamond Strength, Diamond Shine -Base & Top Coat.  In this economy this is a small “luxury” you can’t afford to miss out on.

Check out one of my favorite store Sephora for their store brand Multi-Action Nail Polish,   strengthening, hardening, ridge-filling nail polish and Nars proves to have some of the hottest colors.


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