Hands Fit for a King


Prepare to take copious notes and make a list of ten of the most powerful, influential and stylish men in the world. I suggest you peruse as many films, websites, and magazines as possible and take note of their hands and fingernails. What do you notice?  Are their nails dirty and untidy? Do they look like they have been bitten?

You and your bride will be the center of attention, from the top of your head, to the soles of your shoes. Please be mindful, your hands will be the center of attention when wedding rings are exchanged and the cake cutting.  Please don’t be the groom who cringes with regret when the photographer delivers your wedding picture and dirty fingers and nails overshadow your beautiful moments.

It’s 2015, and we are no longer confined by silly rules that try to define masculinity. You define yourself, and having well-kept, polished nails adds to your attraction.

The following are the tools  you will need and the process by which to execute the perfect manicure: Nail Brush, small bowl of warm water, nail file, hand soap, nail clip, nail buffer, cuticle oil, cuticle stick, and hand moisturizer.

1. Use a nailbrush to clean under fingernails

2. Soak hands in warm water for a minute or two to soften hands and cuticles.

3. Use sharp edge of nail file to clean beneath finger nails to get rid of dirt and bacteria

4. Wash hands again after step three.

5. Use nail clip and clip off the edges of nail. Be careful not to cut too short.

6. Smooth edges of nail using a nail file.

7.  Use a buffer to buff surface of nails in one direction

8. Apply cuticle oil to cuticle of nails to soften the cuticle. That’s the white strip at base of nail.

9. Gently push back the cuticle using the flat end of the cuticle stick

10. Apply moisturizer to hands and massage.

However, if these steps seem too complicated or too much work, then a trip to the nearest nail salon or will do just fine. Or for an added cost, have the nail technicians come to you on your wedding day!

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