Refresh Your Spirit: Tips to Relax



No bride has ever said, “Wedding planning was the most stress-free period of my life.”

Putting on a huge event on top of everything else you’ve have going on is sure to feel overwhelming, even for the most organized person. It can be daunting; you will certainly have stressful thoughts; Will my wedding be perfect? Will there be any complications during the day? Your wedding, shouldn’t  be your  central topic 100% of your time. It is important that you steal little moments to relax, take a time out and de-stress with at least one of our simple tips.

Tips to Relax

1.      Soak in the Tub

A nice, hot bath will relax your muscles and your mind. For optimal stress-quenching results, add The Gelato bath bomb so fizzy that’ll help you loosen up and you can be transported right back to your childhood. We love the luxurious Pink Watermelon Bath fizzy!  It’s packed with skin-soothing ingredients like sweet Almond Oil and Essential Oils. These are perfect to help you do some serious zoning out. You’ll step out of the tub feeling completely refreshed.

2.      Have a Cup of Tea Before Bed

Having a cup of floral tea before bed time has  been known to be a relaxer  and promotes a full night’s sleep. Also, it is a better alternative than having a glass of wine. Alcohol has a tendency to dehydrate your body and create oily skin, which no bride wants before her wedding. So, take a hot shower, get into your most luxurious robe and a lovely cup of tea.

To better appreciate the deep sweetness of the fruit tisane we chose the sweet flavor of Mango paired with  sencha green tea, it can be prepared by using water brought to a full boil and infused for 5 min. The resulting cup tastes of the Blue Mongo paradise will take you immediately to the tropics.

3.      Consider Softening Scents

Lavender is well-known for its soul-soothing capabilities, but others, like jasmine and chamomile have proven to provide relaxing benefits as well. We suggest lighting a perfumed candle such as the exotic, beautiful fragrance Pura Vida inspired by AQUA de SOI and enjoy a sweet-smelling repose.

4.      Pamper Yourself

When you think of at-home beauty treatments, our faces usually get all the attention, but not this time! These simple and effective Karuna masks for hands will have your fingers singing for joy! The next time you’re staying in for the night or just want to treat yourself to some relaxation time, try out the  Karuna masks!

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