BRIDELUX Atelier 2020 Reviews – PopShop Photobooth – A Distinguished Mobile Photo Studio

Pop Shop Photobooth, NY, Philip Van Nostrand photograhy

Pop Shop Photobooth is the only distinguished mobile open air photo studio you must have at any of your events. Chris and Sara, a newlywed couple like my husby and I, started this business based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, in 2015. Chris, a professional photographer and videographer and Sara, an experienced special event manager, came together to establish Pop Shop Photobooth. Their desire to break away from the monotonous by “taking it up a notch and create moments with scenic backdrops” is how Sara shares what their main objective is. Enhancing your venue space and complimenting your celebration is a by product of their services; lasting moments are created, captured and delivered right to your fingertips. However, if you are an ‘Insta-now’ person, photos are delivered via text right to your mobile device so you can immediately share on all social platforms.

Pop Shop Photobooth, NY

Pop Shop Photobooth offers deluxe boutique service to all of their clients on the day of their special event. Sara says “continuity is key and quality is never compromised” no matter what. Her designer touch brings the unique personality and vision of the main clients to life. Timing is as close as 2 months out or 2 years out. Couples or main clients have to option to custom build prop boxes themselves or completely share their ideas and watch their personal aesthetic come to ‘still-life’. Photo booth packages include backdrops, prints, floral decor for any season and plenty of props to create a superb area of fine entertainment.

Pop Shop Photobooth Set up
Pop Shop Photobooth Set up
Pop Shop Photobooth Set up
Pop Shop Photobooth, NY Retro Photo Boxes

My husband and I met Chris and Sara at the Intercontinental New York Barclay Hotel where Pop Shop Photobooth were vendors for Bridelux. We experienced first-hand their state-of-the-art open air photo studio that combines both original vintage camera equipment with modern technology components enabling them to turn around great photos quickly and effectively.

Troy and Stephanie Blake, Bridelux NY, Pop Shop Photobooth photography
WBM team Myrdith Leon-McCormack, Stephanie Blake, Pop Shop Photobooth photography

Another amazing advantage this service has that set them apart for the ordinary is the launch of the GIF booth where still photos are looped and transformed into animated videos. “We use a 24 mega pixel camera with professional photo studio lighting to make sure you look outstanding every time. We also use an awesome touch screen monitor that shows you a live preview before the shot”. They both were endearing and welcoming to us. This company has a wonderful team whose vision is to make photo booth experiences exceptional, enjoyable and elegant.

Pop Shop Photobooth, NY, The Pop Ring

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