NYBFW- Making The Modern Bride Feel And Look Sexy Is Berta’s Specialty

Berta has a way with women.  Based on her designs the woman that dares to wear a Berta piece definitely must own her sexy. Each gown is simply sheer perfection come to life.  The woman that wants to own a Berta bridal gown must in no way be shy about herself, her feminity and commands attention from the moment she steps foot on the aisle.

No room for any self-doubt.

The necklines of a Berta gown varies from design to design.


A bride is often giving her back to her audience, so what a beautiful sight to be wearing one of Berta’s eccentric gowns that is so well designed to your preference.


Her use of fabric, and texture is a mixture of classic but yet modernized for today’s bride.   This is definitely not your grandmother’s wedding gown.


So for the modern bride walking down the non-traditional aisle, Berta has options for you.

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