WBM Beauty: What’s In Your Beauty Bag, Beauty Expert Karim Orange Educates Us On Clean Beauty

Our beauty world has completely changed from the past year’s challenges we have all faced. Either you have spent your time completely makeup-free, giving your skin a time out from the everyday routine of putting your best face forward. Or you have finally had the time to take care of your skin from top to bottom. You had time to literally go through your beauty bag and clean it out completely.

We caught up with beauty expert, makeup guru Karim Orange and asked her to help you our readers examining your beauty bag, and get a fresh start on what you are putting on your skin.

We are excited to fill our new beauty bag which we are excited to share with you… our new beauty bag of choice MyKeyper. Karim is going to help us fill them up with some of her favorite “Clean Beauty Makeup by Gabriel Cosmetics”.

We are so excited to share some pointers from Karim Orange on her career and the new collection of makeup United Shades: Regal Collection, and Samba Collection.

How long have you been doing makeup? 

I have been a makeup artist for 30 years. 

Why did you select clean makeup to work with?  

One day 25 years ago, I experienced an allergic reaction to a lipstick I wore daily. After a trip to the emergency room, I was told not to wear the lipstick again. I chose another lipstick, and the same reaction happened. I started to research and understand that a lot of auto-immune diseases are from something you put in or on the body daily. One day your body screams ‘ THAT’S ENOUGH”. Women put a lot of products on their bodies daily. Women of color put even more products on their bodies (especially hair). The ingredients in these products sometimes attack different systems in the body. I made a choice to limit the exposure of these ingredients on myself and my clients. I didn’t choose chose clean beauty/makeup it chose me lol. 

What is the benefit of using clean makeup? 

Clean makeup and the ingredients used are better for you and better for the planet.

What encouragement can you give our readers in the importance of getting their skin prepped for the beautiful summer weather for their weddings and other soirees? 

Summer is truly skincare season! It’s important to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! During the cooler seasons, we tend to wear more clothes. Some of the fabrics can tend to dry the skin and create layers of dead skin. This needed to be exfoliated off, so the moisturizers and oils you use will absorb into the skin. This is for both the face and body. I also encourage women to get a facial in the Spring (before it gets too hot). Also, please don’t forget the sunscreen. 

What are some pointers you can give our readers in selecting products that work well with their skin types as the weather starts to change and get warmer? 

I think it’s important to understand your skin. I used to think I had dry skin, but it turned out my skin was dehydrated because I didn’t exfoliate enough. After I started doing that one simple step, my moisturize worked better and my skin started to glow. Add this step (if you don’t do so already), so you can pick the correct product. Sometimes we think that if we give our skin ‘more’ it’s better. It’s not. Your skin is the largest elimination organ in the body and will regulate itself when given the right products and the right amount. If you have breakout-prone skin, pay attention to when your breakouts happen. If they occur at the same time each month, it could be hormonal. Going through menopause? Again, hormonal. Both of these are things are elements that will need to be imbalanced internally. Sometimes adding a specific supplement or probiotic does wonders for skin health. The most important thing is to pick products that the body recognizes as food (when you can). Also, sunscreen is important! 

Before going “Clean”, what were some of your favorite luxury brand products and do you still have some favorites?

The amazing thing that’s happening now, is that a lot of traditional luxury brands are going ‘cleaner’. One of my favorite brands Urban Decay has had vegan options for years, and they keep adding. Makeup Forever also offers clean items now. A lot of new brands that are coming out are vegan. Some of my favorites are Pat Mcgrath and Dynessa Myricks. In terms of makeup brands that are ‘clean from conception’, I would have to say I love Vapour Beauty, Kosas, and Double Down Cosmetics. For skincare, I love everything by KENZA international. It really does something for the spirit when you apply. 

So there you have it. Keep your beauty clean and your skin healthy.

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