Sweet Dreams of a Cake Man

Ron by Christian Oth

Life hasn’t always been sweet for Ron Ben- Israel even though when you meet him you would think that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is very much the person you want to be your best friend.  He makes you feel comfortable and hopeful. His family story is inspiring and his good spirit is felt.

His family history and their tragedies, and the various hurdles could have destroyed this young man. But  Ron made sure he would not allow those ugly tragedies to define who he was destined to be. His passion for life can be felt from the moment you meet him.   His spirit and interest in each individual he meets can be felt by the way he listens to you.


I recall meeting him in his showroom in New York City and sitting across from him and pulling out my notebook, iPhone, as I prepared to gather information for this interview, that I was eager to get on the way.   But to my surprise the tables were turned and he began interviewing me and asking me about World Bride Magazine and the wonderful people that work with us, as well as the inspiration behind the concept. I was a little taken back but I answered.   His warm smile, and probably the champagne and cake he gave us definitely helped to ease the situation.  He was genuinely listening to every word I said. And kept asking me questions with a familiar tone as though he had read a book about my life and wanted to confirm the accuracy of my story.


We laughed and shared special moments, having met him months prior at Tendencias Cartagena Bridal Week in Colombia. Our time together reminded me that it is this type of personality that every client should seek in hiring vendors;  someone who genuinely loves people, is a listener, has an interest in getting to know about you, your background and how you arrived at this very special moment in your life.Someone with an energy that will transform things into a creative pieced of art – never underestimate true energy and what it reflects.   Ron Ben- Israel’s team was equally as nice, polite and sticklers for details.  They were well organized and their space was immaculate.  Presentation even for a slice of cake was wonderful.

RBI_3 (1)

So as you make your way through vendors and do tastings ask yourself, is it enough to get someone that is doing their job or loves their craft and wants to share every bite life has to offer.

We salute you, Ron Ben Israel!

For an appointment and tasting we strongly suggest you visit www.weddingcakes.com.

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