Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Wants A Media Free Wedding



For us, this may be the wedding of the century and the whole bases of the very existence of World Bride Magazine.  The highly anticipated wedding of the year– Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle.

World Bride Magazine from the very onset celebrated love, diversity, and inclusion, this is not just a trend we just picked up because it was the popular thing to do.  Or the now right thing to do because it made sense or cents.  It was our life.  It was how some of us lived.  A world filled with a diverse group of people that was accepting of others, and embraced what made us each different.  We relished in the fact that despite our differences, our similarities made us fall in love, so deeply that we were wanted to tie the knot and against all odds–spend the rest our lives together.  The romance, the challenges, the up’s and down’s the high and low’s.  Life.

Never did we image, (or maybe we did) think that this budding couple would come along and confirm what we knew all along– love has no boundaries. It can not be contained to a certain group or class of people based on race, cultural difference, religious beliefs are going to keep two people from loving each other.  Nor government, financial status and social status will never trump love.  Never has and never will.

Prince Harry, born into royalty, not a choice was brought into this world without being asked to choose his social status in this world. He would come to be the object of the media by default.

Meghan Markle also to some extent was born into a similar level of privilege as it were to parents in the Hollywood industry and went on to make a name for herself as a Hollywood star on her own rights.

Both these young people while having expectations placed on them by their loved ones, knew the rules of engagement, and society– and we the judgemental publics eyes, decided to set their own rules and are prepared to face the consequences of their choices together.  With our without the public approval.  I am sure they discussed the challenges it would bring, the negative as well as the positive impact it will have on both their respected families.

While some may look at this as a fairytale wedding that we were told while children.  The fairytale is nothing like we imagined it some 20 or 30 years ago, heck five years ago things have drastically changed.

The media as it were has taken over our lives and placed everyone’s life on a public platform either by choice or by necessity.  You are not relevant unless you have X amount of followers, likes and/or some media outlet has written about you. For some insecure souls, this has destroyed lives, marriages, friendships and so on.

So it is no wonder that Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are choosing NOT to have certain members of the press at their wedding. Yes yes, they are public figures.  That doesn’t mean every aspect of their lives needs to be public news. There has to be a measure of privacy granted to them as human beings.  Isn’t that why Facebook Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is being publically questioned by Congress?


So while some may hate the press with good reasons, we have to admit, that without the press, well hell some of us just wouldn’t matter.  Who would care how big your butt is, or what you ate for dinner, or what you wore to your best friends wedding?  Who would care besides your nana?  Face it we all need some press sometimes.  It just makes us feel alive sometimes.  Or at the very least it will give you popularity club new life.

So are we offended that we weren’t invited to the royal wedding?  Slighted maybe, but not offended.  Given the current distrust of certain members of the press, and the way the press was so deeply criticized by the death of the beloved Princess Diana.  We totally understand and respect their desire for privacy and wish them well on their wedding, and new life together.

We are just happy to celebrate their love and tag along on side as they conquer the world together doing all the most wonderful philanthropic things in our society to make things better for others–together in love.


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