Not So Casual Look Of Maison Mai- Simply Elegant


Style is individual, but dressing for an occasion many of us look for help.  Once you get engaged there are so many more soiree’s that seem to come up and your closet for some reason seems to seem empty or everything in it seems inappropriate.

So our trip to Paris Fashion Week was very important to us to see what new items were about to be released for those who are looking to build their Winter wardrobe.

Maison Mai captured our attention beyond the aesthetic of the space, Palais De Tokyo, in Paris.  We felt it was a perfect fit to show the simple beauty of the collection and allowing us to get close and personal with both the designer and her models so we can physically touch the garment and see how they drape the body.

The designer Mia LI moved my heart.  Her humbly, joyful spirit warmly greeted each person as she presented her collection.  You felt the love and pride put into every piece as she showed her collection and desire to hear the sincere reaction of those who came to the presentation.


Simply beautifully cut and versatile for any occasion as you build your wardrobe for your new life.

The invitation set the tone, but it could not prepare us for how exceptional it was.

This collection was inspired by the documentary film  ‘The salt of the earth’.
The designer sees the darkest side of human civilization and meanwhile the hope of life… Do you want to learn more about Maison Mai?


Bravo Maison Mai on your beautiful collection.


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