Fun Ways to have a great get together with people from your Bridal Party

Why settle for the same old bachelor parties?  Here’s a look into entertaining your lovely guests while having the time of your life.

Have a mixer with friends & family

Bring your family and friends close together before the wedding by having a shopping mixer. Planning your perfect wedding can be a stressful event. Having a mixer with your bridal party is a great way to mingle with your friends and ultimately de-stress!

Walking into the Ammon Carver Event was truly a delightful experience.

The first thing that caught my eye while walking through the door was the hair styling department on a slightly elevated floor away from the various jewelry, fashion dresses and photography set. There were many people getting their hair braided in “boxer braids” and plaits that was styled so beautifully.


Amongst the crowd were the Jewelry designers standing nearby their tables—socializing with the event-goers as well as the fashion designers sorting through their pieces. An added bonus was a small bar set-up along with delicious spring roll appetizers and tortilla chips with delicious sides! Everyone was clearly having a good time. I was there to capture photos for World Bride Magazine and ended up enjoying the energy of amazing people.


Create an atmosphere that people can engage with one another while shopping for themselves, gifts, and/or your wedding gifts.



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