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Judith White, White Sand Travel, a boutique romance travel design agency who has been in business for more than eleven years, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Their mission is to create magical honeymoons and destination weddings. Their ability to take your love story and use it to design your fairy-tale all without you having to lift a finger is absolutely amazing.

We were able to catch Judith in between trips and couldn’t wait to learn more about her amazing business that has been around for more than eleven years.

She started our interview regarding her son who was graduating, Judith, a consummate entrepreneur told him, “ it was very important that he work hard for a degree, but to make certain it was to learn everything he could and use that knowledge to create his own business.”

I’m a Caribbean native and a true romantic at heart (I read all the romance novel as a young girl and fantasized about my wedding ever since I was 10 years old). I understand the importance of celebrating love and romance through travel. After cutting a lot of corners with my wedding and experiencing a disappointing honeymoon, I knew something was wrong with the approach to how we design romance travel.

My passion for romance and travel and my skills as an educator-led me to start White Sand Travel which is a boutique travel design agency that specializes in romance travel to the Caribbean and Mexico.  There are a lot of travel agencies and travel agents but what sets me apart from others is my attitude of service and my mission to not just book a travel itinerary for you but to educate you and design an experience that you can cherish for years to come.

I believe my job is to be a good listener and to build the kind of relationship with you so that I can understand your personal taste and lifestyle. This knowledge allows me to curate an experience for you to match your unique needs. As a consumer myself, I know the importance of being responsive, being transparent and delivering what I promise. I feel that mistakes will occur but how we deal with mistakes when they occur is critical. I make it my mission to put myself in “your shoes” so I can serve you from that vantage point.

You are entrusting me with the most special time of your life and I take it very seriously so that you can relax and know that you are working with someone who has your best interest at heart. We will work on your behalf to not just plan a great experience but also get you the best value.

It steps deeply, travels a lot one major with several and made all the plans. Did a better job than the agency. The planner and she didn’t translate the same thing. Had the most fun traveling.

YPB Travel – this wasn’t the avenue they needed. Building a team and ae a difference/ Industry folks were helpful went to school for travel. The name came from the fact that Judith is from Jamaica and love sandy beaches.

Honeymoon – very important that the method of communication and how people know who and what you do through bridal shows, website, wedding wire, wedding selection with direct clear messages.

They are not the typical travel agency – they are not interested in reunions, birthday parties, buying airline tickets.

As a little girl, Judith envisioned her special day as this beautiful affair and when she finally got married ten years ago, none of it happened.  She actually baked her own cake, borrowed a dress, her friends donated time and after – she knew she should have waited. Here they were at the honeymoon and no money. Nothing about the wedding celebration included the honeymoon. The best time of her life and it was horrible. They were bored, very disappointed. Her personal experience allowed her the opportunity to reflect on a business that included the honeymoon as a total and separate experience during the wedding weekend. She actually read an article that reported, only 23% of the honeymoons aren’t actually their dream honeymoon. The destination weddings that are to transform your dreams into reality aren’t completing an exceptional experience. She is not interested in blackout dates nor small budgets.


It all begins when you get engaged and you set your goals for the wedding and the honeymoon with your spouse. Judith says, “there is a vast difference between how women and men view their special day. Women want the glitz and glamour and Men are just about the basic and whatever their fiancée wants. But, the reality is, “what is important to the couple? Usually, she wants the spa and he wants a golf course. Usually, Judith can bring both activities together by getting clarity on what each person really likes, and then design this experience by curating their love story.

She loves honeymoons in the Caribbean and Mexico – they offer affordable, accessible and inclusive options that range from epic, ultimate to luxury and works with four or five stars properties.

The Epic Honeymoon is total VIP Service; chauffeured service to and from the airport, first-class airline seating, private transfers to resort, resort accommodations include butler or concierge service; escorted to the suite, private check-in, a tour of the property, unpacking of luggage, private dinners and excursions.

The Ultimate Honeymoon is VIP Service without first-class airline tickets and no butler service.

The Luxury no first-class airline tickets, butler nor concierge level, no private transfers.

It takes nine to twelve months to plan a seven to ten days honeymoon and anything less may impact whether you will receive the quality _ lower room category, Judith is building a relationship with the couple and gleaning what they like as she plots and plans for every moment during their two-week get-a-way.

I love villas, but Judith indicated that it is difficult to plan and be certain that space will be up to her standards and amenities may be questionable. And she is concerned about the safety and what and who is around to assist. Even then you cannot always go off the beaten path and who is the real owner?

I asked what were her favorite spots and she indicated that St. Lucia is becoming their favorite and Turks and Cacaos, Grenada, Vieques, Nicoraguia and of course Mexico. Puerta Vallarta, Bayless Resorts. She loves Sandals Royal Caribbean  – Montego Bay Jamaica.

Beaches Family Turks Caicos Resort, St. Lucia Jade Mountain and Tahiti.

After the excitement of the wedding, the spa is limited. Get out and see the city do a tour, day cruise, activity not just at the resort.

The really hot places are City Riveria Mia, Velas Resort and these resorts are from the grand class and provide outstanding service. Their honeymoon suite is 1300 square feet and every window has an ocean view. The staff is tremendous and they are trained to provide impeccable service.

Los Cabos the Bales Properties is one of the dream hotels and you can’t forget the Siesta Americana Los Cabos.

One of the most important things to remember is that you need to be certain you indicate that the adult only resorts are critical when you meet with Judith… she actually has spent time at each resort she recommends and they have the White Sands Travel Seal of Approval.

Service very very focused on service and it needs to be authentic and real. This is a quote “90% of her business comes from referrals. Her service is her brand and her bond.


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