Finding Your Beauty Regimen With Effective Products

We all have our own beauty routines that we adapted by either watching our mom, grandmother, or aunties do religiously; and we may have added our own spin to it, nevertheless we do something that relates to our visage.

For me, it has to be quick and simple, having tried them all, from Mary Kay 5 to 10 step routines to the Neutrogena All in-1- Acne beauty cleanser in the drug store.

Our skin, like our hair changes with time, age, climate, and basic elements of our environment. The beauty products that I used when I was 10 should not be the same when I turned 21 and they definitely cannot relate to the skin of a 47 years old.    I can visibly see how the elasticity in my skin has changed through the years based on age, product usage, climate change, sun, wind, cold etc. 

So, how does one keep your skin youthful?   I don’t have a definitive answer for you, but I know what works for me today.   This past summer I made it my goal to make sure that I cleaned my face thoroughly of all debris, makeup, and elements from the polluted air. The first thing was to look for a great cleanser that would do the trick.  I have to admit I was unable to find one brand to do it all for me.  It took several processes and products. I started with a daily regime after removing my makeup with the Bioderm makeup remover with a cotton square, I washed my face with Dior Mousse Tendre Nettoyante- a gentle foaming cleanser.  I used less than a dime portion on my hand and thoroughly washed my face neck and ears.  I used my Dew Puff- Pure Plant Fiber Sponge for my daily cleaning to make sure I got everything the cotton square left behind.


Then, once a week I use Veridatta– Living Enzyme Scrub and sit with it for 30- 1 hour (as I do my chores). To remove any unwanted facial hair, I use Completely Bare.


Depending on whether I am going out, I apply my foundation, and mixed it with a bit of Eucerin Daily Sun Protection to protect my skin from the harsh sun.   A squirt mixed with the Foundation was perfect.

However, during the summer I use very little foundation as my sun kissed skin has darkened nicely, and it needs only to be protected with Veridatta’s Organic SPF 30 Vital Sun- Anti- Aging Sunscreen.  This lovely product not only proved to be organic, but it comes in shades of color that is adaptable to various skin tones when applied correctly.  I went with their Cafe, and mixed that with my nourishing essential facial serum by Bloom which blended nicely,  and then I was ready to go. 

To keep that moist and dewy look I spray on Colleen Rothchild Beauty Water during the course of the day to refresh my skin.


Another option during the summer was very little makeup; so my routine changes a little and is comprised of my Dior Eye Reviver- Backstage Pos- Pallette Reard Booster Decalt- Neutral palette of browns, earth tones and shimmers that take me from day to night.  I adore my Frankie Rose black eyeliner and my trusted Lancome curler, and Lancome mascara which gives my eyes a little “pop!”  To complete my look I simply use my favorite lipstick by Chanel- Catalina #82.   

Your fragrance selection is critical and can sometimes be decided by  your mood or time of day. My choice for this summer was L’Obre Dans Le Au  by Diptyque.


As a woman, we know how we want to present ourselves, and after this regime, my days are all set to begin feeling fresh and clean.

Bonus products that you can alternate are:

Frankie Rose press powder to replace your foundation.  I find it to be light enough to withstand the summer without that heavy foundation, and still gives enough coverage for the finished look I want when going out.

Since my skin color changes during the seasons another foundation I found useful for me was Bluffa Jo BB Cream age defence-anti-aging, with a tinted moisturizer, hydratant teinte.

A light liquid foundation that works for me all year round is Dior Forever, however, the bottle is quite large and difficult to carry around.

Another fabulous beauty water spray that complements my skin all year round and seals my makeup is Caudalie  Eau de Beaute.  The scent is nice and light and doesn’t compete with my fragrance.

Frankie Rose also makes a great eye shadow pallet for my brown skin.- Brown Eyed Girl.  I love, love, love it!


For a little more lip action for the evening my favorite show stopping lipstick is by Bluffa Jo-Cheers.

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