Silver Bee Venom Mask- Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell

Working in the fashion industry, we are always invited to these great events and get to find out about products we would not always become aware of.

I had met the wonderful ladies from Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell and was sent home with the Silver Bee Venom Mask.

It contains:

Essential Oils: Organic Rose, Organic Lavender
Herb: Organic Marshmallow
Base: Organic Shea Butter
Vitamins: Beta-carotene, Vitamin E
Other: Bee Venom, Manuka Honey, ABEETOXIN®

I instantly loved the packaging and could not wait to test it.

Because of my skin type which is sensitive, dry, and greasy at times, the joys of having a mature skin, I had decided to leave it on overnight. What a true treat for my face! Love everything about it: the smell, the texture, how it is absorbed and the results.



After a few weeks of using it, I came up with a regimen that fits me.
Prior to using it, I give myself a 30-minute clay facial to really cleanse my face.
Only after washing it all off, I drench my skin with the Silver Bee Venom Mask and leave it overnight. In the morning, I just massage anything left into my skin and after about 45-60 minutes, I wash my face and continue with my normal daily routine.

Ladies, my skin has not been prone to dryness or sensitivity since. My wrinkles are so much smoother—it is incredible and I can see the difference.

For all the brides-to-be, this is a beauty regimen that will make you glow and look your best for your special day!

What makes the products amazing:

  • Features natural ABEETOXIN, a natural alternative to injectable botulism poison
  • Produces instant anti-aging effect
  • Firms and releases collagen
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Contains an analgesic (helps with pain)
  • Features the Bee Venom Mask, Deborah Mitchell’s signature product, which has gained a worldwide reputation as the ‘natural alternative to Botulinum Toxin’ (the most acutely toxic substance known)
  • Boasts a massive celebrity following and positions itself as a revolutionary organic cream containing bee venom that works to control the facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming, while targeting frown lines and wrinkles
  • Provides a facial with a difference: completely natural, non-invasive and with real results
  • Contains Silver, new formula with intensified bee venom for sensitive skin

Benefits: Calms irritation in spots, eczema or acne; helps to heal skin fast so less discomfort.

Skin type: All skin types—anti-aging, blemished, eczema, rosacea, dry and sun damaged.

Emotion: Quiet, calm and security.

Contra-indications: Allergy to bee venom or honey. Patch test recommended.

Why would you want to buy this beauty product? If you only want to buy one product this is the one. Helps with your skin care concerns and makes you look so youthful. With regular use you appear even younger looking.



What Heaven Skincare does best and what makes them different.

Great skin starts with great skincare, and Deborah Mitchell, CEO & founder of Heaven Skincare, has created the ultimate anti-aging, skin perfecting signature ingredient: ABEETOXIN®, a secret formula containing bee venom, Manuka honey, vitamin E, organic rose oil, organic lavender oil, organic marshmallow, & organic shea butter, which has gained a worldwide reputation as the ‘natures answer to Botulism Toxin injectables,’ which is the most acutely toxic substance to the human body, yet known. “With so many consumers becoming conscious of ingredients and their impact, both on their health and on the environment, we do what we, at Heaven Skincare, do best and look to nature for the answer,” explained Deborah.

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