CREATING THE PERFECT POUT: Guideline to nourishing and creating healthy supple lips

As you may or may not know lips are one of the thinnest layers of skin on your body. They are extremely susceptible to drying out more than any other body parts as they are regularly exposed to some of the harshest elements. In an attempt to protect and hydrate our lips against these elements, many of us have fallen under what I call “the lip balm cycle.” You apply lip balm that is created with ingredients that just sit on your lips and seal out moisture. You continue to reapply more layers not realizing you’re perpetuating the problem and eventually turning this into an addictive horrible habit.


I have great news for you: there is a way to break the cycle! This isn’t some new and trendy beauty tip; people have been using these real healthy luxuries for ages. So let’s do our lips a great healthy favor with a few tips.


I always start with a healthy, repaired, suppled and hydrated lip. You can achieve that with an effortless exfoliating sugar lip scrub and a natural homemade essential oil lip treatment.

Mix coconut palm sugar or brown sugar with honey until they stick together. Scrub in circular motions and leave for 1-3 minutes before rinsing off. This will remove any dead skin and leave a fresh new layer of skin.


After, I use a daily homemade healing lip balm to keep my lips looking supple all day long. I like using essential oils because they help maintain moisture, skin complexion, and smoothness. These oils also enhance the spirit of the mind, skin, health, and body. The oils provide wonderful results because many contain antioxidants, Vitamin E, and fatty acid emollients. Skin absorbs the emollients very easily and keeps lips moisturized for a longer time. They also help increase elastin and collagen; few products are as potent as essential oils.


Homemade Lip Balm Recipe


Coconut oil 1tbs

Almond oil 10 drops

Peppermint oil 10 drops (or essential oil of your choice)

Beeswax grated or pastilles 1tbs

Honey 1tbs


Directions: Melt down beeswax, coconut oil, and add honey once the beeswax is almost melted. After all is melted stir in essential oils. Pour into a container and voila.


10 hydrating oils for dry skin:

Coconut oil

Peppermint oil

Chamomile oil

Olive oil

Jasmine oil

Almond oil

Aloe Vera oil

Coriander oil

Rose Hip-seed oil

Grape seed oil



Now that you have your perfect prepped pout, let’s step it up a notch and get them plumped. If you want a luxurious lip plumper I recommend WunderKISS controlled lip plumping gloss. This is a 2-phase lip plumping scientific breakthrough. WunderKISS utilizes a “DERMAPORTING” technology that is designed to build the appearance of lip volume and moisture by adding hyaluronic acid and collagen to the surface of your lips. Phase 2 is designed to add a controlled Vitamin B3 derivative into the lip plumping gloss at your desired comfort. This definitely is a unique experience that will give you enhanced results.



Let’s step it up another notch. Perfect your lipstick application and fix uneven shaped lips using INGLOT lip liners both Coulour Play liners (for bright, bold, and trendy colors) and the Soft Precision liners. These are very useful for making lipstick last long and preventing it to run or smudge. Why do I use INGLOT lipsticks? I use them because they are made with Vitamin E and apricot kernel oil which helps protect lips. These are smooth, pigmented, blendable, stackable, non-sticky, and most importantly has a sweet scent. For special events I use INGLOT HD Liptint Matte. This is a liquid consistency that evaporates into an even, matte, transfer resistant finish that lasts for hours without rubbing off. This product contains HD pigments that are used every day but also great for special events, occasions, photography, and high definition filming.



Finally, a cycle breakthrough. You can now have nourished, plumped, precise, colored, and irresistible lips.

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