Wearing Memories


A memorable wedding party tends to rhyme with great champagne and great memories.
Every couple wants to gift the ultimate favors to their guests.

These designs are, for me, the perfect ones.

Let’s have a quick chat with Kiron Barui, the beauty and brains behind Wearing Memories.

  1. Your designs have a very personal connection with your clients, as it locks some of their best memories. How did the idea come to life?

After the 2011 floods, my friends and I decided that life was too unpredictable and short—that we should seize every opportunity to spend with the ones we love, doing the things we love; this, of course, meant more champagne. I would always wear the champagne cages as rings but as the night went on and more bottles were popped, I found the cages became more of a safety hazard than anything else. I was not happy with this. Being the champagne enthusiast that I am, I was determined to not only learn as much as I could about champagne but to create beloved memories with every bottle that was popped. I decided to create a ring that could hold all my beautiful caps and memories in a setting that could rival its own beauty.


  1. What or who inspires you?

I am inspired by many things, but I strongly believe that what inspires me most are the gorgeous memories I see being made every day by the radiant souls that surround me. When I meet clients for the first time and they reveal some of their happiest champagne moments, I get a true insight into their lives. Nothing is more inspiring than sharing in the happiness of other people along with them.


  1. The brand has an enormous press and celebrity following, did you expect that when you started?

Not at all. I didn’t think that it would come as far as it has. I am not stopping here though—I am going to continue to build Wearing Memories. It has not even come close to fulfilling its full potential. My goal is for every person that enjoys a champagne moment can cherish that memory forever. Wearing Memories is for everyone. Every person, no matter who they may be, deserves to treasure their own champagne moments.

  1. What is the biggest highlight for the brand?

The most exciting moment would have to be the day that I walked into Harrods and saw my jewelry on display. I think it’s a tie between that and when I gifted jazz singer Emma Pask a ‘Sound of Happiness’ ring. Her husband proposed to her soon after, and they didn’t have an engagement ring but they did pop a bottle of Bollinger. Emma kept the cap and wore it in her ring as an engagement ring until she had chosen her proper ring. For Wearing Memories to be a part of something so beautiful and personal in someone’s life was a dream come true.

  1. How can our readers incorporate your designs into their wedding day? How can it make it even more special?

For weddings, I created a flower piece that you could pop into your bouquet with a beloved memory between the couple—maybe their engagement party or their first date. The bride can carry these memories with her on her wedding day as a reminder of all the beautiful memories she’s made and the ones she is yet to create.

  1. Can they request any custom-made designs?

Of course! The bespoke pieces are what I love creating the most. Learning more about my clients and creating a piece just for them is an incredible experience. Helping them create their own special piece that is perfect for their special champagne memory.

  1. Where can our readers find you? 

Our website is wearingmemories.com. Here you can find our list of stockists! At the moment, we have stockists in Sweden, Australia and London, but I look forward to expanding our reach in the future.



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