Healthy Hydrating Hygiene : How to moisturize, cleanse, and smell amazing simultaneously?


Finding a great body cleanser can sometimes be frustrating, especially when there are hundreds of soaps that do more harm than good. As the skin is the largest organ of the body, and it absorbs everything like a sponge, it’s best to nourish it with only the crème de la crème of soaps.

The search for the best moisturizing soap is FINALLY over. I’m going back to traditional bar soaps, but at the same time there is nothing traditional about Charlène New York moisturizing vegan bar soaps. These soaps just rub me the right way! Literally. No more rough, tight, dry skin. Say hello to beautiful, hydrated, soft, cleansed, and nourished skin. What’s even better is that they’re detergent, paraben, and petroleum free.


I alternate between soaps because each has a different use and mood. I use Holiday Dazzle and Hot Chocolate soaps for exfoliating. Both have a creamy texture with pieces of grainy oatmeal used for gentle exfoliation. Holiday Dazzle is a colorful, and playful looking soap but has an unexpected, rich cranberry spice scent, which just like the name makes you feel that Holiday cheer! Now Hot Chocolate soap smells just like you stepped into a bakery. It has added ingredients like dark rum, sugar cane, nourishing coconut milk (just like Cleopatra bathed in), and 100% ground cocoa all the way from St.Lucia. These leave the skin extra soft because they help remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, leaving a fresh new healthy layer of skin.


My everyday cleansers are the Fruit Slices and Pinky Bells bar soaps from the holiday collection. These soaps are soft and smooth in texture. Fruit Slices has a super fruity-licious and sweet scent; it definitely smells like you’re bathing in a fruit cocktail with oranges, strawberries, grapes, and apple aromas. Pinky Bells is so addictive. The scent is made of brown sugar, fig, and an amazing touch of honeysuckle—the combination of scents is so mesmerizing. I use this before bed (it’s my boyfriend’s favorite soap for me to use because he loves the scent it leaves on my body). It’s like walking in a candy store, you almost want to lick the bar to see if it really tastes as good as it smells. Of course there is my personal favorite called Jolly Socks. Yes, it’s a jolly soap it lifts my spirit up and puts me in a great mood (especially when aunt flow comes for her monthly visit). This is a total mood changer. With the steam of your shower, your shower turns into an aromatic relaxing, experience made with therapeutic peppermint essential oils. The great thing about this is that it actually helps wake me up and gets me ready for my day.



I highly recommend these for everyone no matter what age, skin type, or gender. I tend to cut the soaps in half because that makes it easier to travel with since they’re bigger than your average bar soap. The focus of Charlène New York is to give its customers a product where quality is the most important factor. Therefore, the only thing to do now is to get rid of your old chemical filled harmful soaps and switch over to the good side.

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