Meghan Markle TV fantasy turns to reality

Photo by Alexi Lubomirski



The parallels between Meghan Markle’s character Rachel on the TV series Suits mimics her now real-life Cinderella story but with a little role reversal. Meghan Markle’s TV fantasy turns into her reality in a short 17 days. On the USA series Suits, Rachel was “royalty”. She came from a prominent family and her “prince” was Mike who had a heart of gold but was a fraud in that he didn’t finish law school but was so smart that he faked his way in. Their love was forbidden in the fact that many felt that Mike wasn’t good enough for her.

Through all the trials and tribulations their love prevailed, and they finally wed on the season finale! Love conquered all! Fast forward to one of the biggest weddings of our times where a biracial girl is joining the royal family of England. Prince Harry is following in his parents’ footsteps and marrying for love. Throwing tradition to the wayside, Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding is what girls dream of their wedding to be! Once she officially becomes a part of the royal family there are traditions that she must adhere to but for the biggest day of her life, she will be able to let her personality shine through.

Rachel and Mike run off into the sunset, married and in love with their whole future ahead of them. Meghan and Prince Harry will soon do the same of course in front of the entire world. They are making the royal family accessible and relatable to the world. We can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo has in store. We can only imagine great things! Little girls are already inspired that this seemingly regular girl has had two dreams come true. The first working as an actress living out her career aspirations. The second marrying one of the most loved Princes in the world and becoming a Princess. This is the stuff that dreams were made of even Disney couldn’t make a movie this great! Right before our very eyes, an American girl will become a Royal Princess!

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