WBM Travel: A Destination Right In York Back Yard– The Fingerlakes– New York’s Best Hidden Secret Is Out

We have been on lockdown for six months– but it seems like it has been a lifetime. We can’t tell what day it is, it seems like we missed two whole seasons, Spring and Summer. And wedding season– well for those of you who had to cancel, reschedule, reformulate how you were planning your wedding has done a number on you– us all for that matter.

But we are not going to let this take us down–kill our spirit. Love is not cancelled. And we are going to celebrate love, life, because LOVE NEVER FAILS.

In the midst of all the crisis life threw at us these past couple of months we found paradise, a piece of joy–we found the Fingerlakes. A hidden gem right in the U.S.A. and for us New Yorkers depending where you are coming from four hours away. The most epic scenic ride you want to take. The beauty of New York is not limited to the city and the city skyline. It is filled with a different kind of skyline–mountains, trees, and valleys.

For those of you who are looking to have a beautiful out door wedding while the weather is still beautiful, The Fingerlakes should be on your radar.

We had the pleasure of taking a trip Upstate New York when things slowly started to open up and there were fewer people in the streets and people were safely engaging. I felt secure enough to explore and share this information with you all simply because we received so many inquiries about how to plan a beautiful soiree in a beautiful environment…

First stop… Chautauqua Harbor Hotel.

We got clear instructions prior to our trip: “During parts of the trip, you and your guest will be free to visit certain attractions individually, however, many have altered their operations due to COVID-19 procedures. I’ve provided a brief overview of the itinerary to help with your decisions.”

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant, but by the time I picked up my car at Hertz– in the Williamsburg section. (Please check them out.) We jumped on the road–no, or very little traffic I may add, the drive out of the city was mellow smooth. My tunes, snacks and an empty road heading North. We could feel the air shift, the energy of the city was different, but the fresh air was exhilarating. After a few stops, we finally arrived to Chautauqua Harbor Hotel.

Thank you Hertz Williamsburg for my great ride.

Instantly we were reminded of the new normal we were living in–a couple of clear notices that told us upon entering the building you MUST HAVE ON A MASK. NO EXCEPTION. We approached the desk, the friendly host greeted us with a warm welcome and you could actually feel her smiling through the mask. Due to the current situation, there was very little engagement when it came to a bellmen assisting us with our bags. There were plenty of carts available for us to load them up and take it upstairs. Room service was also limited to protect both of us, the guest and the staff who were taking care of us. The property is beautiful. The rooms are absolutely lovely–and the view spectacular. The grounds were awesome.

The property has a beautiful and spacious ballroom that is available to all who are looking to host an indoor wedding. But the grounds is well equipped to keep your festivities outdoors.

The food was very good, and the service was grade A. By the second day the staff knew my name and where I wanted to sit. Thank you Lakehouse Tap & Grille, and The Carousel Bar.

So for those of you who are considering having your nuptials at a destination, why not make it a family & friendly vacation for your guests? I am sure your guest would love to enjoy the region while attending your nuptials. There are countless things to do that will enable you to still engage with your guests when you want to before the wedding and be left alone on your honeymoon after your wedding.

Things to do while you are in the.. area:

  1. Panama Rocks Scenic Park – Hike Panama Rocks Scenic Park, where a half-mile long ridge of 60-foot high rocks form crevices, passageways, and caves hidden in an ancient forest.
  2. Point Trail at Long Point State Park – Hike the easy, gravel ~1-mile Point Trail at Long Point State Park for an incredible look at Bemus Bay on Chautauqua Lake.
  3. Chautauqua Institution – Enjoy a self-guided walk around the National Historic District Campus. Explore the gardens and nearly every expression of American architecture dating back to the late 1800s.

We got a chance to head out to the National Comedy Center and stroll down memory lane in honor of a woman I loved so much Lucielle Ball. This place was simply wonderful. It brought back so many memories and joy to see the countless people that brought us so much laughter.

So on this portion of the trip, you will have plenty to laugh at…

For bookings to this location and to schedule a tour– 10 Dunham Avenue, Celoron NY 14720 (716) 489-2800 | www.thechautauquaharborhotel.com

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