Around the World Girls Trip: Dubai Edition

Ladies Night at Dubai Marina
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Welcome to Dubai














When you think of a Girls Trip what’s the first destination that comes to mind? Miami, Vegas, or maybe Jamaica even! Well for my girls trip we ventured into the United Arab Emirates and landed in Dubai. What a beautiful country, and to think at one point it was a lot of sand and desert. We joined a guided tour group of 30+ people who shared this once in a lifetime experience together. My girls were the PYT (Pretty Young Things) of the group mixed with OLG (Old Lady Gang) over 50 crowd, lol.  What an experience the merging of two age groups on one vacation. Surprisingly enough the PYT group was less energetic than the OLG’s.

We stayed at boutique hotel Grandeur Hotel Al Barsha just 30 minutes away from the airport. I had a lot of misconceptions about Dubai and what to wear. Although they are a Muslim country and modesty is the best policy to respect their culture people were surprisingly very open and accepting of American style. The notion that night-life is non-existent in Dubai is false. There was a 40th birthday party during our stay and you could feel music vibrations from the lobby lol.

The big question: “What to do in Dubai?” Of course, there’s all the tourist places and you should most definitely see one of the tallest buildings the Burj Khalifa with NY Skyline views. We got a chance to dip our toes in the Persian Gulf at Jumeriah Boardwalk & Beach. With aqua blue water and Burj Al Arab in the backdrop what a magical moment. Dubai is becoming well known for having fabulous brunches. I had the pleasure of going to brunch at the Dubai Marriott Harbor Hotel overlooking breathtaking views and delicious feast fit for a queen! We toasted Bellini’s and had a 3-course meal while overlooking aqua blue water for miles to come. 

We stood on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa literally sitting on top of the world! Basking in the marvels of the architecture and design surrounding us. Imagine going from floor 1 to 124 in a matter of a minute and not feeling a thing! Magic!  I learned to relax and stop and smell the roses. Like in the cartoon Aladdin I opened my eyes to a whole new world. On our last day we enjoyed the Soul Senses Spa with a reflexology massage. I shared the room with my sister and we got dual massages. Another shared experience that we will always remember. I came out the massage refreshed and relaxed and semi-prepared for this 13+ hours flight back to New York. This trip we created lifelong memories! Can’t wait to go back and explore more wonders of the world.

Welcome to Dubai
Desert Girls
Ladies Night at Dubai Marina
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