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The bride’s look must always be balanced. Therefore, if the bride chooses a bouquet and headdress made of natural flowers, it is very important to take into account the whole outfit. For example, if her dress has a powerful pattern such as lace, embroidery or similar, accessories should not be too striking. On the other hand, if her dress has a simple or minimalist design, then she can play with an outstanding bouquet with plenty of textures, shapes and colors.

What size should the headdress and bridal bouquet be?
The bouquet must be customized to fit the individual bride. It should consider both her height and figure and the type of gown she is wearing. A short girl should never carry a really huge bouquet (even if she falls in love with it after seeing it on Pinterest!). Choosing a big bouquet will make her look smaller. The same applies to the headdress. If the bride has a small head and a small face, we suggest a headdress made with small flowers for her.

How to choose the appropriate headdress?
The headdress must coordinate with the chosen hairdo. It will be up to the hairdresser to decide both the shape and size of the headdress.
For it to remain intact throughout the wedding the floral designer should include flowers and foliage known to last longer (especially in summer months!).

It should also be securely placed to endure the long hours ahead and not fall off. This is why it is very important to pay attention to its attachment system. It must be simple and precise so it is easy to work with. Brides should always ask for professional advice!


What to do, once she gets the bouquet?
If the bride receives it the day before the wedding, she can put it in the refrigerator (But she must never put it in the freezer since the intense cold can burn the flowers). The simplest thing to do, is to put it in a flower vase filled with water, in a cool environment and away from sunlight.


How to choose the wedding flowers?
It is best to choose those that bloom during the wedding season as they will be in better shape and will also be cheaper.

Table decor: We do not recommend scented flowers for centerpieces. They may be too invasive and guests may not like them (eg, Tuberose, Freesias, Perfumed Lilium). It is always lovely to choose some element for the decoration or bouquet that identifies the couple. It could be the bride’s favorite flower, or perhaps a flower that reminds them of an absent love one.

An Idea: Include succulents in the bouquet, then you can plant them and have a living memory of that special day!


We are a floral design studio.
We combine art, design and nature through the color and textures of flowers, which are our main inspiration.
We are convinced that this fusion connects us with our essence allowing us to live a life focused on the present.
We prioritise the human factor and teamwork to obtain the best results by allowing our collaborators to stamp their own style in each of their creations.
In addition to our products offer on our online shop (www.botany.com.ar) we have a wide range of services such as floral settings for events, weekly floral arrangements for companies and private homes, and design of bridal bouquets and headdresses.


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