Presentation Is Everything: From Argentina with Love, Exquisitely Yours, Barbara Diez




“Presentation is everything.” This statement was engrained in the minds of my siblings and me from childhood by our mother who, in my opinion, is the epitome of a lady.

Public perception, visual presentation and proper etiquette were an absolute priority in our household. Taking extra time to pay attention to details was an expected practice.

Wealth, class and luxury were not terms that were used loosely in our household.  Wealth was not based solely on the amount of capital you had in your bank account, but it was based on a combination of resources, whether they were tangible or equity.
Class, as my mother would say, “Everyone is in a class, whether you choose it or not.”  The important thing is which class do you identify with or that best describes you. This is what will define you at the end of the day.

She further went to express that luxury “things” are accessible to everyone who works hard for it, sets goals, and has a definite plan. But thinking that material things itself will make you classy, is the mistake that is made by many.

Things you can buy, class where you can move around to and fro, lower class to upper class. But being classy, and having a polished and refined disposition about oneself is something that cannot be bought. You are born with it.

Barbara Diez is such a woman.  Distinguish, poised, elegant,  with an exquisite sense of style.  From the moment she walks into a room you can feel the energy of her power.  Everything about her is simply elegant.

Looking at her body of work only reinforces what she brings to the table. Literally!

It was on our trip to Cartagena, Colombia that we were able to be graced by her presence, hear her speak, and see samples of her work. Magnificent is another term we can best use to describe her work.

How does one go about attaining such a woman’s service? Well, either host your wedding in Argentina where Barbara’s headquarters is based or fly her to your destination of choice.

When you find it difficult to create the vision you are thinking or dreaming of, do not fret. Hire someone that has the ability and talent to bring them to life.

Do as Rockefeller did: pay someone to execute one’s dreams.

What if it’s out of your budget?  I don’t know; in some areas in life size is not what matters but quality.

Pay for the quality of your precious moments–see it as an investment. That moment will stay with you forever if it is done correctly, or not. Why leave it to chance because you want to save a couple of dollars. You do it because “you’re” worth it.



So when we caught up with Barbara Diez, we wanted to pick her pretty little creative head. But first here are some impressive data:

“First Wedding Planner in Argentina; More than 750 weddings and events organized (including national and international celebrity weddings, like Michael Bublé & Luisana Lopilato); More than 1500 press releases and 3 front covers on Wedding Planner Magazine. TV presenter for Fox Utilisima for 4 running years (The Wedding Planner programme); More than 40 conferences and seminars given in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico and USA; Endeavor Speaker; Buenos Aires Bridal Weekend Producer and Planner; Author of Wedding Architecture (Penguin Random House); and 280.000 followers in Facebook.

Barbara is Master Bridal Consultant;  ABC Country Coordinator for Argentina and Uruguay; Consultant for CIDDEC; Professional Style Prize UP; Member of the Consejo Honorable for COE; AOFREP Directing Committee Member and Business Woman Award CAME.”

Pretty impressive!  And if all of this wasn’t enough to hire her on the spot, Diez also holds the title of author with her coffee table book for all you book collectors like myself, which will make a great gift, Arqitectura Una Boda,




Bar x Mariano Motti

For bookings, speaking engagements, appointments or for a consultation visit:

Our conversation:

Your full name:  Barbara Diez

Company: Barbara Diez Event Planners
Occupation: Event Planner
Locations you have planned wedding in: Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, South America
How long have you been in business and planning weddings? I have been in the business for 15 years.

What is the most important factor that makes you take on a wedding project?  The good vibes of the couple!

What inspires your vision in planning a wedding?  The venue? The bride’s dress? Or the theme?  The DNA of the couple itself. They are our inspiration.

How does one create a realistic budget when planning their wedding?  We first speak about the dream wedding the couples has in mind. Then I ask how much budget they want to allocate to the wedding. As a team, we are very realistic and straightforward when discussing the cost and budget. If their budget does not match their dream wedding, we try to look for alternatives. We always give alternatives. You do not need to be rich to have a dream wedding!

When should you hire a wedding planner? I believe every bride needs help when organizing her wedding. If you can afford to pay for experience, go for it.
What are the top 5 destination weddings for you in Latin America?
My top 5 are in this order:
1) Buenos Aires, Argentina
2) Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
3) Cartagena De Indias, Colombia
4) A Wine Yard in Mendoza, Argentina
5) A wedding by the lake in Villa La Angostura, Argentina
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