Designer TakeOver: A Fresh Spin On Bridal By Sébastien Luke

Famed designer Sébastien Luke always had a great passion for occasion-wear since he was a fashion design student at Otis. Working with various bridal designers over the years he noticed there wasn’t too much change in fashion trends relating to bridal designs. So, he got the feeling that it was time to start his own label, hoping to bring something new and fresh to the table. Sébastien wanted to cater to brides who were looking for a more modern and unique bridal look to highlight their individual personal style.

Inspiration can come from everything everywhere depending on what’s relevant now for the Sébastien Luke design team. It can be music, art, architecture, travel and of course from fabric and trim. When creating some collections there was a strong idea for a theme and the collection comes to life. In other instances, they play around with fabrics and the ideas flow from there. No matter where they draw their inspiration, the goal is to create timeless designs that a bride can look back to her wedding day photos twenty years later and still be proud she chose to be Sébastien Luke bride for her big day.

At WBM we’re all about diversity because brides come in all shapes and sizes. At Sébastien Luke they strive to introduce different silhouettes for different body types and occasions. Furthermore, they put a lot of emphasis on versatility, affording their brides to transform a single design into different day-to-evening looks. From walking down, the aisle in a church wedding to soaking up the moment at a destination wedding, or even a simple city hall wedding, brides can find the perfect look for their idea ceremony.

Current trends in bridal are very classic, sophisticated and elegant. At Sébastien Luke classic with a modern twist is what they always strive to do since the beginning and it’s what they will keep doing so they don’t feel the pressures to follow trends. They are the trendsetters. The pressure comes from being an emerging brand. How to best introduce new concepts to brides is their biggest concern now.
So, who is the Sébastien Luke bride? She is daring and confident and knows what she wants and desires. She is not afraid to embrace fresh ideas. Her wedding day is all about cherishing a special moment with her someone special.

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