Betrayal of the Heart

What I know for sure is, what you love leads you. Evidence of this is vailed in our behavior. With every step we quicken toward the desires of our hearts. Although intentions may not be harmful to others in most cases it is a detriment to ourselves. We become our worst enemy moving from desire to desire without truly assessing the intention. The motive that drives the action is formed from that which has shaped our minds. Duly, once we arrive at the place where we believe we will have the most content it is revelatory that the grass is most certainly not greener. Quite the opposite we are left with the daunting task to now take a step back and evaluate what we believe. What led us to this place? This however is exactly where one should rest because it is the place of growth. Weened from the ideas and standards of those given to you and learning to developing a relationship with your spirit. Your spirit processes the truth puts into perspective what is real and what is masked by your desires that feed your ego strictly. Challenging the narrative to stay in the confines of a dwarfed understanding of the natural and spiritual world.

The aha moments come when we fully grasp that our spiritual self is having a human experience. Connecting with the spirit happens when we are able to separate two facts. The first is your heart can be deceptive. The second is what you truly seek you will surely find. The heart’s deceptive nature is tied to believing what we see will satiate our wantings; fill the voids. Our clouded minds are tricked into believing that feeding the senses will bring happiness. The correlation between what we see and know is not the same. What we know is that they don’t. However, our human experience is constantly bombarded with seeking out greener grass. The second, our seek should be to connect with our highest spiritual self. It knows what you truly desire, the voids that you truly wish to fill and it will begin a journey that leads you right to the source; God. This is not religious talk but a reminder that we are more than material things. We are the connections that we make with one another. This is tangible and feeds the soul.

Duchess Meghan Markell gave the world an eye-opening glimpse into the world she married into. During her candid conversation with media queen Oprah Winfrey, she expressed that her life in the royal family was not what it seemed. From the interview, we gathered that her mental well being somewhat overall happiness was not a priority. She had lived a life prior that did not match her current reality. Many believed that she is royalty and should just deal with life as it now was. There were many more who believed that she is strong for stepping away from the expectations of others and living life full and free of fear. Her strength was matched by Prince Harry and with that their child will know happiness on another level.

Although a royal spotlight may not be on us directly there is a small one that greets you every time you look at yourself. Your eyes tell you the story of your heart, through them, we see the good and the not-so-good of ourselves and our choices. Entering into unions whether business or marriage the same is true and the goal should be to look into yourself and truly make sure that you have decided to live life – your life in total honesty. Stand for what you believe. We should all be familiar with the legacy of Bob Marley. He touched the souls of people through his music spreading the richness of love. Now in any part of the world, you visit he stands a symbol of togetherness and love. Immediately his music evokes singing, laughter, dancing. He is remembered because of his ability to connect with the true desire of men and women- LOVE.  Make these concreted principles within your own unions, waiver not the true story will be when others can see your strength and gather a bit more for themselves. This is legacy, this is love, this is the essence of the human experience.

Art credit: Bart Cooper, ‘A Loving Heart’. Courtesy of MDByBartCooper.

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