Calling all Grooms–Notes for When You Put a Ring on It

Walking down the aisle may be one of the most nerve wrecking parts of the entire wedding experience. For my grooms, the butterflies start way before the I do’s! Did you forget about the engagement ring process? What about the wedding band? YES, it is a process. No groom wants to let his bride-to-be down or worse be rejected because he chose the most awful ring on the planet.

Luckily, I have compiled things to consider in choosing a ring she will rant and rave over for years to come. In choosing a ring you must consider a diamond and a setting. While picking the perfect diamond, consider size and quality. You must choose a shape and cutThe cut refers to how the diamond reflects light, while the shape refers to the appearance. There are an array of shapes to consider from heart, circle, or square.

Jewelers may push you to make a decision quickly. Consider the fact they are all salesmen but take your time, this is an emotional piece that will last beyond a lifetime. Deciding on a setting that your bride will love will ensure you get the best for your money. A nicer ring is far from cheap, but consider this an investment that should scream quality and value. The grid above will help you make the best decision on that special diamond. Below you will find some amazing wedding bands! Sapphire is becoming more popular and it is a great choice if you are on a budget. Thanks to our good friends at Tiffany & Co. located at 727 5th Avenue. They let me try on some amazing bands and a few beautiful rocks.


ring photo
Classic Round Diamond. $243,000 US Dollars


Platinum Sapphire Band. $3,475.00 US Dollars


Novo Half Circle Diamond Band. $26,000.00 US Dollars
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