Getting Expert Advice From Some Of The Top Bridal Salon Owners

As you begin your search for your dress after accepting your beloveds proposal. This is going to be one of the most difficult decision one will make. Simply because there are so many options on the market, thus explaining why many brides chose to change into a second dress.

Who can blame a girl from wanting to look like a starlet on her wedding day.

But how can one go about making those choices for an event that will only last for no more then 6 hours?

We caught up with two respected bridal salon owners in New York City and picked their brains and asked them to give you our brides some sound advise.

We started first with Mark Ingram. Mark Ingram’s glamours boutique is located off of the famously luxurious Park Avenue, not on the main street level, but hidden away to give brides privacy and a feeling of intimate care when they walk into the beautifully designed space fit for all the most divine of society women.

The second stop we made was in the heart of the famous Garment District, Designer Loft New York City, owned by Elizabeth Selassie.

This modestly, yet beautifully designed boutique is also well stocked with divine gowns from the bridal industries most reputable bridal designers for women of various shapes and curves we are proud to announce.

It is this wonderful thoughtful business model that attracted us to the boutique. A brilliant woman that made it her mission to make all women of various sizes to be able to try on dresses without feeling awkward.

Designer Loft and their staff warmly welcome various brides into their boutique for the industries latest bridal fashion.

So for those of you who are ready to shop for your dress, make sure one of your two stops are to the above mentioned boutiques where your vision of your wedding dresses would be considered before deciding on your final selects.

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