Creating A Signature Scent for Your Wedding


Aromas awaken memories, stir emotions, and beckon us to the kitchen table. It’s no wonder that your wedding day is an ideal moment to brand your own bespoke scent. “Wearing a custom fragrance will be one of the most alluring aspects of your wedding,” says Sue Phillips of Scenterprises. “It will forever link you to the memory of your special day.” Long after the wedding and honeymoon are over, and the photographs are faded, whenever you wear your original fragrance you’ll be immediately reminded of one of the most important days in your life. “Why wear what everyone else wears when you can create your own perfume on your special day?” notes Phillips. Here, Phillips offers her insight into creating your own signature scent.

What is the process of creating your own fragrance?

Every fragrance is constructed with a beginning, a middle, and an end. In fragrance jargon, we refer to that as ‘top notes,’ ‘middle notes’ (otherwise known as the heart of the fragrance), and the ‘dry down’ (or the base of the fragrance). Basically, this means that the initial impression of a fragrance hooks you in with say, light citrus sparkling notes, and then evolves to beautiful florals with complex notes of spicy and fruity notes, and then the dry down is bolder with ambers, woodsy and mossy notes.

How do you help brides and grooms make their own scent?

It’s easy for anyone to create their own, original fragrance. I can help you online with my expertise. First you choose an atomizer, then you take a scent personality quiz so we can determine what perfume blends to use to create your personalized fragrance. The final step is giving your scent a name. You can also schedule an appointment with me at my beautiful perfumery, The Scentarium in New York City. You can even host your bachelorette party which is fun and interactive.

What are three questions a bride should ask herself when thinking about her bespoke bouquet?

  1. What scents will spark memories of the joy and love of our wedding day?
  2. What aromas reflect my personality and individuality?
  3. What fragrances do I associate with love?

What are some of the ways couples can use their bespoke scent?

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy your scent daily. The best way is to have different forms of fragrance in things such as candles, soap, lotions, gels and creams. That way, you can always have it with you.


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