Eat And Be Merry–For Tomorrow You Will Wed Your Beloved

Butcher and Banker Location Interior architectural Images Copyright © Arpi Pap Studio Images
Arpi Pap Studio Images

Butcher and Banker Location Interior architectural Images Copyright © Arpi Pap Studio Images

Food serves more than just sustenance for our survival. It is something to be enjoyed if you are dining at a place that can create a wonderful experience for your occasion. Especially if it involves anything to do with your wedding plans.

There will be many occasions when you will be required to find suitable restaurants to celebrate either your engagement, dinner to meet the parents, and your wedding reception.

Butcher and Banker is definitely one of the hidden gems New York City has to offer. It may not be so hidden for some– but if you are not in the know, you may miss out in what promises to be the most wonderful experience.

We sat with Celebrity Chef Scott Campbell and he gave us the private Chef experience to share with you our readers.

My love for Brooklyn can’t be expressed enough. As I see the development of the borough I love so much, it is absolutely amazing to see so many businesses being born in this creative and young space filled with art, culture and creativity.

It is so exciting to see the enormous amount of restaurants opening up that are attracting so many people from around the world and so many foodies.

Brooklyn Cider House is definitely one of those spaces that would make a perfect location for those who are looking for a large and spacious environment to host either an engagement party, a rehearsal dinner or even a wedding reception Brooklyn style.

The location is definitely spacious, it makes for a perfect blank canvas– that can be built up or left alone and still be ideal for your wedding festivities.

The spaces is grand in more ways than one that left to the imagination will lead to great fun having an authentic cider tasting experience for those who love the beverage.

It also serves as a great learning experience for those who want to be educated on the process of making cider.

We thoroughly enjoyed the history of the brand from owner Peter Yi, who gave us a private tour of the space and wined and dined us.

So if you want to know why we’re suggesting Brooklyn to be considered as one of your destination locacations–click below and see why you too should “Get Married In Brooklyn”.

Don’t take my word for it when I say New York has some of the world’s best restaurants right in the city. On January 21, 2019 through February 8, 2019 you can plan your own dinning experience during New York Restaurant Week is set for you to taste for yourself.

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