Why Bother Attending Bridal Shows?–Tatiana Byron Marx Insists That You Do Before You Say I Do

Every year there are several companies that produce bridal shows that tour the country. Many of them have been doing so for years. The production can benefit both the participating businesses that showcase their work and present their services and you, the couples that are planning their wedding.

Our editors make it our point to attend several during a course of a year. We want to see what is new and trending. We also want to know how couples engage with these vendors. What do couples want?

We wanted to dig deeper with our research this time around and find out why a producer would want to put on such a big production and the benefits to you our bride. So we caught up with one of the industries premier wedding show producers Tatiana Byron Marx and asked her to share her expert opinion as to why couples should attend bridal shows.

Why should couples attend bridal shows with their busy schedules?  

Brides should attend shows because the weddings industry is still a very face to face business.

Couples want to taste the cake they will serve to their guests, meet the photographer that will follow them around all night, try on their dress and tuxedo etc. Shows are a great way for brides to save time and meet with multiple vendors at once. Wedding Salon shows offer a curated experience so the vendors are the best in their space.

How do you qualify the vendors that showcase at your event?
We qualify vendors by speaking to each of them to make sure they are credible, we review their websites and social and read their reviews.

Couples do the same so it’s easier when the work is done for them.
Couples should confirm vendors according to their category. For example venues, gowns and bands tend to come earlier in the process‎ while invitations, cakes, and florists come at later stages.


How many bridal shows would you suggest couples should attend? Prior to you tying the knot, make it your point to attend a few bridal show to ensure you are thoroughly aware of what is out there on the market. Get inspired. Use it as a bonding experience with members of your bridal party, or your parents.

We have found it very resourceful to us attending several bridal shows throughout the year when creating content for you our readers. So if we take the time to attend these shows why not catch a few shows yourself.

So as you continue on your path to your wedding planning process, check out the Wedding Salon’s wedding show calendar for a show near you. And have a blast.

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