What’s In Your Beauty Bag- Golden Globes Looks That Will Inspire You For Your Wedding Day

Bat your eyes in style even though you may be crying on your wedding day. While all eyes will be on you walking down the aisle and all throughout the wedding– make sure you look marvelous.

Don’t be afraid to use color and have fun. Don’t over do it, you don’t want to date your look, but a bit of color never hurt anyone.

Chanel, Wanderlust Beauty, Gucci, Dior eye pallets.

Before committing to a color again we encourage you to get a makeup trial with a “professional” makeup artist. Yes you maybe able to do your own makeup but you may not want to on your wedding day so that you can relax and enjoy in the splendor of it all.

Please note there are various sorts of makeup artists on the market. The artists at the beauty counter may not necessarily be trained or experienced enough to do a full face that will make you camera ready for your wedding day to be photographed.

Ask the right questions. Ask for a portfolio. Instagram and Youtube is NOT enough. Ask for references from brides and see their photos.

It is after taking these measures will you be comfortable hiring a professional.

We love a beautiful eye as you can tell. On your wedding day you want to enhance your favorite part of your face. Whether it is your eyes, cheeks, lips, pick a focal point and use products that will make them pop.

Again we can’t stress this enough “Don’t overdo it.” It is your wedding day. You want to put your best face forward.

If you have not ever used lashes prior to your wedding day, we highly recommend you try them on before your wedding day for at least a week to see how you will enjoy them, and adjust to having them on.

Nars, Chanel, Kiss Beauty, L’Oreal eye products.

A beautiful smile is definitely the most alluring portion of your photos. So do not neglect your teeth. Make sure you see your dentist for a good teeth cleaning session, and if necessary get your teeth whitened.

So while we are on the topic of teeth, let’s also talk about fresh breath. After making an extra trip to the dentist for your perfect wedding day teeth, you want to make sure your mouth stays fresh all day. So brushing your teeth after you eat your meal at the reception is not going to be an option, so we found something you can pop in your bag and sneak in your makeup bag or that pocket in your wedding dress (yes, some wedding dresses have pockets.), Listerine Tabs. Pop those babies in your mouth after cocktail hour, and after your meal and you are ready for round two of your wedding day. Boom.

Listerine Tabs

Beautiful skin is the perfect canvas for every woman on her wedding day and every day, no matter what stage of your life you are at.

Julian Moore, Jessica Chastain have repeatedly shown us how skincare is their priority.

Jessica Chasten, gave us great lips at the Golden Globes this season, but then again, for us, that seems to be her signature thing, a great lip.

Her celebrity makeup artists Tyron Machhausen says your wedding day should not be the day you try a new look and not be yourself. “Your lip color should compliment your complete look.”

You will be doing a great big of kissing on your wedding day starting with you beloved. So you need to make sure you have a lipstick that will not only look good on your wedding day, but last and not wear off until you wipe it off.

But something you may not think of when buying a lipstick is making sure it has some measure of moisture, so you lips are not dry for the next five hours of your wedding day when you may not be able to retouch it as often as you may want to.

Nars makes a great selection of lipglosses in various shades.

If during your makeup trial your artist uses a product on you that you like and will be using on you on your wedding day, why not ask to make the purchase, it is worth having it in your beauty bag.

Celebrity makeup artists Victor Amos says he usually recommends that his brides buy the shade he will be using on her for her wedding day, that way when the session is over she will have it with her well after he is gone.

Julia Roberts timeless look is fresh and clean with minimal amount of makeup.

If you are not a big fan of cosmetics, your wedding day is not a good time for you to put on a full face of products you will never use. But this is not to say do not wear anything.

With the right artist I am confident you will come up with a look that will only bring out the best of you on your wedding day that will remain in your memory for life, and photos will be proof of your eternal beauty.

So in conclusion, what is in your beauty bag?

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