Haute Couture, Bridal Gowns Run Neck and Neck From The Fashion Perspective

Paris is definitely the mother of Haute Couture. In America we simply don’t have such a privilege of showcasing this sort of high fashion as they do in Paris. And if you are part of the few who are privileged enough to be invited to attend some of the shows to see it on the runway, hats off.

So we relish at every award season from The Golden Globes, The Emmy’s, and Oscars. These red carpet moments give us beautiful aspirations for creating a beautiful look for yourself on your wedding day or members of your wedding party and guest.

The Golden Globes showed some of the best looks that can inspire you while shopping for your looks.

Whether you are the bride looking for your wedding dress walking down the aisle, or if your looking for a second look to change into, we found pieces that will make great selects for our consideration.

How do you go about looking for a gown for such an important occasion?

It will not be an easy task, but it is very doable. There are countless designers from Chanel, Christian Dior, Celine, Antonio Grimaldi, Elie Saab, Ralph & Russo, and Balmain Paris to name a few, who show their work in Paris and gowns can be bought if you have the cash for it.

But they are not limited to only these famous designers– there are countless of brilliant designers that may be less known that you may want to shop for the occasion. We have had the pleasure of featured some of the various designers such as Ziad Nakad in our past issues of his collection which we consider a work of art.

Tips when shopping

When you shop for a gown a few things you should take into consideration are budget. You get what you pay for. No statement can ring ever so true when it comes to making such a major purchase.

When you invest in a well known designer you are paying for the craftsmanship of their work. It goes beyond being just a garment you put on to clothe your body. Each piece is something the designer and his team invest in with blood sweat and tears if you ask them.

We had the opportunity to interview with Nigerian-British born, now New York-based designer, couturier trained, Yemi Kosibah and his secret to creating such masterpieces are his foundations of each gown he creates.

His gowns are beyond just fabric and stitching. For Yemi it begins with giving each woman the full support she designer with each of the gowns she will be wearing with his name attached to the garment.

His gowns have a built in corset that will snatch you up and make you stand at ease and still allow you to breath and enjoy eating at the festivities. That is craftsmanship.

So be sure to find garments that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Don’t compromise your comfort for your day. Find the right designer that suits you and is appropriate for your occasion.

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