The Ultimate Act Of Love– Isaac and Danielle Keys


WBM Real Weddings, shares some of the most inspirational couples love stories we have come across.  Their love and commitment to each other will move your heart.

We had the pleasure of crashing the wedding of Isaac and Danielle Keys and had a splendid weekend where we witnessed the love they are about to describe.  The love they are surrounded by with their family, friends, and community.  No fairytale love, but the real-life kind of love that overcomes all adversities.  The kind of love that calls for a celebration.

Full name: Isaac Keys and Danielle Michelle Keys

Occupation: Actor and Flight Attendant

Cultural background: African American, Filipino/Italian/American

How did you meet?

I met Danielle in 2012 in Cancun, Mex at my best friends wedding.

What was the most important thing about planning your wedding?

Isaac: Let me start off by saying wedding planning is not easy. Let me also say that because it is a roller coaster ride of emotions, the process seems to be that final workout to strengthen you as a couple for the next level which is marriage.  The most important thing to me was to see my future wife smiling and happy!!

Danielle: I think it was very important to plan a wedding that represented us. To stay true to ourselves as a couple versus tradition.

Where did you get married?

We got married at the Finest Resort in Playa Mujeres, Mexico


Danielle & Isaac Keys on The Finest Resort, Mexico.


Why did you pick the location?

Isaac: I picked the Finest for a few reasons. Location being one. I liked that it was in Playa Mujeres an area of Cancun that was new to Danielle and I and many of our guest that have been to Cancun before.  Customer service, food, cleanliness of the property and rooms, the beach, and the size of the resort not being too big or too small.

Danielle: I think it was very important to plan a wedding that represented us. To stay true to ourselves as a couple versus tradition.



There is no distance that will keep friends and family apart when two people want to share their love with those who love and support them.






What one bit of advice would you give couples planning your wedding?

Isaac: I would tell couples to work as a team and be patient with one another. Identify roles and responsibilities and trust your partner with them. Of course, the guy will need to be checked on to see if he is doing things the right way lol but that’s ok.  Accommodate others but focus on you as a couple. The actual wedding will come and go so fast so stop and take moments alone and together to cherish what is happening around you and the steps you are making in sharing your love and the love of others.

Danielle: My advice would be to give yourselves enough time to plan. I think 8-12 months is an ideal planning window.

What does family mean to you?

Isaac Family is number 2 on my list right after my Faith so it means a great deal to me. It means where I come from and the core of who I am. Family is also why Danielle and I decided to do a big wedding. Most of the time when you get the majority of your family together it ’s due to the loss of a loved one. We wanted to change the narrative and have our families merge together in a joyous occasion full of loving events.

Danielle: Biological family. It’s our closest friends. My family is my nest. In it, I share secrets, joy, laughter, tears, successes, failures. Family means Sharing.

What does love mean to you?

Isaac: Love to me is the glue that holds people together. It’s the reason why we show emotion, why we do things out of character, why we do things for someone even though we don’t want to, why we share, why we tolerate, why we give, why we live. I Love Danielle Keys.

Danielle: My husband is my definition of love. It’s us accepting each other for who we are. It’s the ability to be ourselves around each other. It’s respecting each other’s differences. It’s us laughing with each other for no reason. The love I feel with him is a deep connection that lets us know you can trust each other completely. We understand one another – not perfectly, but enough that we feel invested in each other’s lives and happiness. Love means us.


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