De-clutter and Bring Feng Shui into your Home

We could all use a little help navigating our current landscape and finding joy in our homes.  Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing energy (chi), which is the lifeforce of every entity on earth. Practicing Feng Shui will help you feel balanced and energized and doesn’t require a financial investment.  Spending maybe no more than an afternoon decluttering certain areas can help you begin experiencing the positive benefits of energy moving unobstructed through your home.  

To increase the positive chi in your home focus on the 3 power spots – the entry, bedroom, and kitchen. The entry is the introduction to your home. Be it a studio or a townhouse, help pave the way for positive vibes to move freely by keeping this area clutter-free.  Whether you have hooks to hang hats, coats, umbrellas on, a rack for shoes, or a coat closet, every item needs a dedicated space to call home. Clearing up clutter before it accumulates will improve the entry’s energy.  If it’s too dimly lit get a brighter bulb, add a doormat or clean the existing one.  Also, wipe down the front door and hardware.  

In the world of Feng Shui your bed is known as a commanding position that represents you.  You should be able to see the door from your bed, though not be in line with it.  The door should never be behind you as it leaves your back vulnerable, not knowing who’s entering the room. Correct positioning of your bed reduces obstruction and increases the flow of positive energy. 

The desk represents your career in Feng Shui and is an easy place to accumulate clutter that does not promote mental clarity.  Clutter encourages chaos, taking up valuable space that energy needs to flow freely.  A good habit to develop is clearing your desk at the end of each day to create a sense of order.  Beginning each day with a cleared desk will increase clarity and productivity.  

Photo by Max Burkhalter

Fresh cut flowers and plants literally breathe life and are very much encouraged in practicing Feng Shui. So, surround yourself with their vitality and beauty. They require very little upkeep and will bring a smile.

For a deeper dive into the World of Feng Shui read Simple Shui by Amanda Gibby Peters.

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