Made InSicily Club – 10 Questions to Help You to Learn About Sicily and the Creativity That Comes From It

Marco Strano, wedding gown designer. Born and raised in Sicily, Marco has always had a passion for the pure Sicilian craft; he is the epitome of creativity, his research and vision blends tradition and innovation. He works with paper, transforms fabrics into something new, everything starts from the fabric and then moves from there under the hands of this magnificent artisan.

What do you remember about growing up in Sicily?
My youth in Sicily was dominated by the smells and the brilliant colors of this land.

Share with us a memory linked to the creation of a wedding gown—your creation.
I made a little girl’s dream come true. A famous Sicilian manager came to visit me in the studio to ask me to create this special dress for her wedding. We talk a lot and she confessed to me that, as a child, she would dress up as a bride wearing a white crocheted blanket her grandma had made. I asked her if she still had the blanket … and there it was, the dream come true! Without cutting away a single piece of the blanket, I made the wedding dress and both of us were in tears and full of emotions!

Name 3 people or characters who have and still inspire you
The great masters of color inspire me constantly; ordinary people feed me with input and new ideas; the study of the moldings of the great couturiers of the past provide the basics for the “construction” of new ways to wear.

To which Sicilian tradition are you still linked to, which one you still follow?
I am tied to the most intimate traditions, those that still give and make you feel a sense of family.

Name 3 places to visit in Sicily.
The whole Sicily is to discover, there’s not one corner that is not worth to be seen!

Name 3 places where you can eat in Sicily.
I prefer to try the street food or small home restaurants, where you can still find the mom or, better yet, the grandma behind the stove. Not to be forgotten, however, the great chefs who are re-evaluating and re-proposing the traditional cuisine in a contemporary way.

Name 3 places where you can stay in Sicily.
To regenerate myself, I prefer to stay in the sea areas especially in the Ragusa; to find inner peace the small villages around Enna are best.

What do you see in the future for Sicily?
Sicily needs of the Sicilians! Definitely a culture of recovery is already in movement and the revaluation of the area is a great place to start!

Any advice for the bride/groom?
My advice to brides always wear a smile! Then enjoy the preparations without stressing and never overdo and always wear “something red!”

Why choose Sicily as your destination wedding?
Get marry in Sicily to rediscover ancient traditions, enjoy the beautiful scenery and be taken away by its charm!

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