WBM & Brooklyn Base Want You To Get Married In Brooklyn


We can’t express ourselves enough of how much we love Brooklyn, but I am sure you are starting to pick up on it.  The borough has so much to offer, more than those who don’t live here can imagine.   The borough is home to over 2.6 million people as reported in 2017.

It has grown tremendously in more ways than we can count.  Architecturally, culturally, and aesthetically.  While we welcome the many newcomers to our beloved borough, for many of us, the coziness of that once made it enchanting has disappeared when the tall building and the countless restaurants, and bars have replaced brownstones and low story factory buildings that were once owned by local families.


But have no fear, we found a wonderful company that loves Brooklyn as much as we do, Brooklyn Based the creators of Wedding Crashers/Wedding Fair, they have identified some of Brookyn’s best businesses that want you to get married in their beloved borough.

On March 17, 2019, the two ladies will celebrate the 10th year of this grand festival of activities known to Brooklyn where Brooklynites who are planning their wedding can have the opportunity to meet various vendors from the borough and New York, and New Jersey who have made their way to the delightful borough.

So we caught up with the ladies Nicole Davis and Ashley Mikoletic and we got the back story to share with you.  We can’t wait to attend The Wedding Crashers Fair.  Hope to see you there.


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