The Colorful Life of a Legendary Man: Karl Lagerfeld


I can’t begin to lie to you all and say I knew Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, not one bit.  He was a public figure to me like the masses.  But being in a closed industry like the fashion industry was– based on who knows who, for many of us if you were fortunate you may have been six degrees separated from everyone you needed to know. But for some of us fortunate ones we were maybe two or three degrees separated from all the giants of the industry.  And if you lasted long enough you were in the same room, if not arm’s length of the likes of Lagerfeld.

I am proud to say I was honored to say I was one of those very very few.  And it was my honor.  On December 4, 2018, I was privileged to be part of the production of the Metiers d’Art Show.  And it was electrifying.

So to hear of the death of the one and only Karl Lagerfeld was heartbreaking, I was hoping to get one more glimpse of him in Paris for the upcoming season.  But life doesn’t always work as we plan.  So all I can do is pay tribute to the man that seemed to revive the fashion house of Chanel single-handedly while building a name for himself and living a full life that so many dream of.

Karl Lagerfeld’s work speaks volumes of his passion for the beauty of a woman and the industry that he so passionately loved.



While he may not be famous for being a bridal designer, what can be said is that when he did you his pieces left you breathless.


While he was surrounded by countless beautiful people, women, and men.  My favorite of his muses will always be Pat Cleveland, whom he seemed to be very fond of and in admiration of for her ability to be a brilliant model. and her beauty.

So thank you, Karl Lagerfeld, for embracing the beauty of Pat Cleveland our forever beauty.


We can safely say that Lagerfeld lived a colorful life and brought much joy to women of all cultural background.

While he may not have intentionally gone out to make a statement to include a woman of color on his runways.  For women like me, including Pat back than spoke volumes.  It was a major step that would kick open doors for other models to come and future artists.  But I am sure he was aware there was a problem.

Loved the last homage he paid to Africa, Egypt and showcasing the beauties of a variety of shades of people of color.



Mr. Lagerfeld was more than a fashion designer, he was more than an artist, who knew how to design clothing, take photos and stage the best soiree’s one could ever have the privilege of attending.  He Inspired those who he didn’t know.

You will forever live in our closets, books, and heart.  We celebrate your life and contributions to the fashion, and business world.





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