Planning in Style-Tips & Tools for 2021

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As we flip the pages of the calendar to 2021, we welcome the opportunity to imagine a time filled with hope, light, and love. We thought it would be a great time to plan your wedding in style so we reached out to a few experts and brands for ideas.

Jen Robin, founder of Life in Jeneral
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Get organized

“I’ve always been detailed oriented and love nothing more than finding ways to create efficiency in all things I do. Every project and task in my life is centered around being organized, and implemented systems to support my day to day routine,” says Jen Robin, founder of Life in Jeneral.

Robin says that one of the best starter systems for being organized is using a planner like (this one). “When planning long-term tasks or projects like a wedding, create a work-back schedule. This means, starting from the end date and working backward. You should put benchmark dates like sending save the dates, invites, menu selections, to get you started and start filling out your weeks according to those due dates,” she advises. 

“If you’re like me and love having all your important documents printed use a file box! I use this Open Filing Box to keep all my documents separated by category or project,” says Robbins. For wedding-specific items, she advises to create sections like––venue details, cater, photographer/videographer, wedding samples, etc. for keeping all documents in one designated zone but separated by category or vendor. If you want to take it up a notch, Robbins recommends using different color folder files (like these) for your designated categories. 

If you’re more visual and like to see items or tasks broken out on a month-to-month basis she says to use a whiteboard (like this) to create a visual indicator of what is coming up to stay organized. If you find joy in color-coding, she recommends using multi-color pens (like these).

“The most important system you can create for yourself is something that comes naturally to you. For example, if you like the old pen and paper technique start with a fresh planner and create a checklist within that calendar or planner. If you’re digital, use your Gmail to create your systems using the Tasks feature and Google Sheets. When you create a system specific to you and your lifestyle, it is easily maintained and creates a stress-free flow within your life!” says Robin.

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Jot it down

Golden Coil

This notebook is a dream for detail-oriented brides. Each notebook is custom designed to meet your specific preferences. The fun begins by selecting a designer, patterned, linen, or leather cover. Next, you can upload all of your calendars, events, and contacts to keep track of all your important wedding details. Fill the pages with an extensive collection of daily and weekly layouts and add inserts. You can even add motivational, spiritual, literary, and pop culture quotes. 

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Make a date

Plum paper

The great thing about planners from Plum Paper is that they are entirely customizable. That means that you can create a planner with a custom cover that includes a cute photo of you and your beloved, add your favorite love quote or include a monogram. The best thing about creating a bespoke planner is that you will curate a keepsake of all the little details of your wedding year and create a beautiful keepsake that you will treasure forever.

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Note to self


Love to doodle and jot down notes? You’ll find lots of inspiration in Rifle’s oversized lovely notepads that make even tedious tasks look magical. The pad features 65 tear-off sheets with gold foil on each page. Keep a pad by your bed to remind yourself how important giving yourself some TLC is!

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Keep a journal


Now is a great time to put pen to paper and write down the millions of thoughts that are dancing in your head. It will help you clear the clutter and it document your story. Journaling is a great way to toss technology and take a deep dive inside your heart and get in touch with how you are feeling!

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Address an envelope


If you love reaching out to people by sending letters, notes and packages, it’s a great idea to use an address book. Rifle’s  hardcover address book includes a gold foil-accented cloth cover, a ribbon page marker, illustrated end pages, a pocket folder, and sections for your contacts and important dates. It will come in handy for sending invites and thank you notes!

Send some love


Send your squad, your future mother-in-law or your fiancé special cards throughout the year. Everyone loves getting a gorgeous handwritten card in the year and it feels great to sit down with a beautiful pen, write down your feelings and share them with the special people who are part of your wedding.

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Plan in style

Erin Condren

Erin Condren’s customizable wedding planner has it all!  Handy checklists, charts, scheduling spreads, trackers, and customizable monthly tabs create a stop organizing spot for the busy bride.

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