Kimhékim Introduces Neo-Couture To Us At Paris




Kimhékim has presented its first runway collection with the essential elements of its aesthetics.

Late 90’s idols: The reference of the late ’90s is mainly about the pop culture that is the new nostalgia of the current generation.

Neo-Couture: The draping with pearl details widely known as the VENUS series is the new interpretation of haute couture that has asymmetric cuts and elements to give more newborn silhouette.





So whatever the occasion Kimhékim has something for you to wear.  From your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, meet the parents and honeymoon attire your look can be well put together to fit your style.




“ If one asks me about my new collection, I will say it is all about ‘me’, who I am and what makes me. I say or mention the word ‘me’ more than uncountable times per day, ‘Text me’, ‘Give me’, ‘Love me’… what really defines me? »




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