Paris Hilton Put Her Money Where Her Mouth Is With Her Age Defining Skincare Line

We have been following Paris Hilton for years now, from her television show with her bestie Nicole Richie to her fashion appearances during New York Fashion Week, and her red carpet appearances. Paris Hilton is a businesswoman, socialite, model, singer, actress, fashion designer, and DJ.  That is aside from being the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels

Paris is constantly evolving, and doing so with grace.  Yeah, yeah we know when you have that kind of money, of course, you can age gracefully.  Well not exactly–have you seen some of her constitutionists?  What is her secret– she has a new skincare line for one that is self-titled,  which she is very much involved with the whole process.

Now as you all well know we simply don’t feature or introduce any products to you our WBM family without first testing it out, so while it took some time, I am happy to report this product by Paris is going to stay in my “Beauty Bag” for a while.   I am definitely seeing results, and getting into a nice little routine with my daily skin cleaning process.

I am excited to report to you this is one for the WBM Beauty Bag.




So we caught up with Paris Hilton and asked her some questions about the products and what was involved in creating it.

Why did you feel it was so important to create your own line of beauty products in a market that seems overwhelmed with beauty products?

I’ve tried everything on the market, and nothing worked the way I needed it to. They were all promising things that didn’t deliver. ProD.N.A. is skincare that actually works. It doesn’t fill your lines and wrinkles with additives and silicone, it changes your complexion by making it truly healthy, bright, and ageless!


How involved were you in the whole process?

ProD.N.A. was founded in 2016 by my co-founder Adam Xavier and I after a bond developed over our mutual appreciation of skincare.  Adam, already an expert in the skin care industry, invited me to bring over all of my favorite skincare products that I believed worked best for my skin.  Adam and I sat down and sorted through all of my skincare products deciding which ingredients were working best and which were producing visible results.  After sorting through all of the effective ingredients, we combined the findings with various other innovative actives, such as enzymes used in Nobel-Prize-winning research, to develop the perfect skincare line, ProD.N.A..

After months of research and development, I was the first to test out and review all of my own products that we collaborated on.  After many trials, Adam and I released ProD.N.A., the first line that has ever encompassed everything my skin needs to stay young and beautiful!



What makes your products different, special?

ProD.N.A. is built upon Genomatrix, an ingredient made of powerful enzymes derived from marine micro-algae and hyaluronic acid.  The scientists behind these enzymes, Tomas LIndahl, Paul Modrich, and Aziz Sancar, were awarded a Nobel Prize in 2015 for having mapped and explained how cells repair their DNA and safeguard genetic information. These powerful enzymes support and improve the cell replication process to fix the damaged DNA before it can repopulate. If this damaged DNA is not repaired, the DNA replicates and can lead to serious skin concerns such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dryness, age spots and even potentially dangerous cancer cells.ProD.N.A. utilizes this incredible technology so that our formulations can rapidly repair and actively work within the layers of skin to support natural DNA maintenance and counteract the effects of aging.

Who is the woman that would be using your products?

ProD.N.A. is actually an entirely unisex brand! It is designed for any individual that is looking for innovative skincare that actually yields results and gives you a truly ageless complexion. The man or woman using this line honestly cares about what they put on their face, and they won’t settle for sub-par products.


Where can our readers find it?

Online and in various retailers around the globe! Please check out our website for more information at!

So there you have it.  Happy shopping.

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