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Anastasia Kiefer Couture is a Swiss luxury fashion brand, which started in 2016. The founder and creative director of the label are Anastasia Kiefer, who has a background as a painter, having visited art schools in Moscow, Russia during her school years and later taking part in art exhibitions, the latest one at Stucker Gallery in Zurich.

Anastasia has been designing dresses all her life, but until recently mostly for herself, her family and friends. Gradually, with the increase in demand, she created her own fashion label. She gets her inspiration from past centuries, old Hollywood glamour of the ’50s, classical ballet and nature.

A gown, which is only beautiful is not good enough for her, it must be amazing…Though originally founded as a Couture House, Anastasia Kiefer Couture soon started designing her first prêt-à-porter collection as well, following the needs of the market.

The prêt-à-porter collections are all “made in Italy” at a renowned factory not far from Milano.

Anastasia Kiefer loves exclusive fabrics: Duchesse, chiffon, organza, velvet, lace. Her favorite materials are high-quality natural fibers, mostly Italian silk. In November 2016 Anastasia Kiefer opened her showroom and atelier

in the heart of Zurich. All prototypes are now being produced in Zurich and the atelier also specializes in made-to-measure gowns. The showroom is open by appointment to buyers and press, where they can see the collections and order pieces for retail. Despite its young age, the brand has already achieved wide media attention, including articles in NZZ, Schweizer Illustrierte, Blick, Faces, Schweiz am Sonntag, Küsnachter, Zürichberg, among others. International and Swiss celebrities, such as Nastassja Kinski,

Martina Hingis, Merle Dandridge, to name just a few, love wearing Anastasia Kiefer.

Why was it so important for you to show your collection in Paris, during Paris Fashion Week?

Paris is one of my favorite cities and the center of the fashion world. In my opinion, a brand, that would like to be known and seen, should always first come to Paris.

Especially a luxury Couture brand.

What has been the impact for you and your brand by showing on such a prestigious platform?

We could make new contacts to international buyers and press. It’s amazing how many new interesting people you get to know during Paris Fashion Week.

Where are the next markets you are looking to showcase your work in the near future?

We’ve received several requests recently from different platforms and countries. We’re working on it at the moment. Since we can’t participate everywhere were invited, we’ll have to choose the most important ones.

Where are your items old currently?

At the moment our collections are being sold in several luxury multi-brand boutiques in Switzerland in Zurich, Lugano and other cities And internationally, at the end of April we will be available in Dubai.


For more information on the collection visit: Instagram: @anastasiakiefercouture

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