BEBA´S – Valmont Barcelona Bridal Week 2019

Guilty! I confess.., Beba’s is one of my favorite Spanish brands. I love the colorful embroidery that was seen in their latest designs and also, those adorable sleeves made with plumetti ruffles!! Just a dream come true!

The brand proposes a different bridal style; a combination between elegance, sobriety and a cool look. Certainly an unbeatable mix .

What stood out in the runway of the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2019 were the geometric lines on backs and necklines as well as flowing silhouettes, contrasted by voluminous sleeves.

Furthermore, the simple silhouettes on most skirts has contributed to highlight the transparencies and embroideries of contrasting colors on most tops.

With the “The Unexpected” collection, the designer manifested the mystery through colors like:  night blue, lavender and yellow.

My favorite detail: The knots on the backs.

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