Yumi Katsura Knows You Want to Make a Dramatic Entrance At Your Wedding




Every designer wants to win your business.  Either by giving you the one size fits all dresses.  Or re-selling you your mother’s old dress and renaming it as “classic”.  But you’re not buying it. None of it.

So how does today’s bride find HER dress with the countless of dresses on the market?  Well all we can do at WBM is share with you some of our finds by having a one on one with the designers themselves– being your eyes and ears.





We caught up with Paulette Cleghorn, Creative Director, Yumi Katsura Couture NYC and asked her the hardcore questions.  Having a personal relationship with her gives me an edge– there is no pretense, just the cold hard facts.

How do you continually come up with a new collection each season?  Aren’t you bord?  As she laughs– she tells me nooooooo …. my team can’t contain me.  I have so many ideas going through my head, they have to put a cap on how many dresses I put out each season.

How refreshing– someone who still loves what they do.



“Sirens & Sakura” Collection

“Inspired by the sultry allure of the legendary sirens of myth, folklore, and film juxtaposed with the sweetness and unfiltered beauty and wonderment of the beloved Sakura/cherry blossom, the Yumi Katsura Spring 2020 Bridal Collection is a celebration of the diversity and complexity of women. Sultry and Sweet modern silhouettes are embellished with traditional Japanese symbols that pay homage to the legend of the storied crane with inspire love, luck and longevity and the beauty and abundance of Sakura – all serving to bestow blessings on a marriage. These cultural motifs are prevalent in this season’s embroideries and laces creating visually mesmerizing textures with a classically romantic yet sophisticated and sensual feel. Tailored fabrications with hints of organic texture create figure-flattering silhouettes that enhance and exalt the natural beauty of a woman’s body.”



So how do you find your dream dress?  There is no simple way.  You have to schedule appointments, try on dresses, and go with your gut feeling.  Don’t second guess yourself.  But be open. There are no rules to what makes you feel special.

Happy shopping.


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