The Fabric of Love

Love’s story begins with the story of self expressed. Its countenance unmistaken for anything other than . Innately loves takes the shape of our most deepest darkest fears. Somehow it knows it needs light to burn wild and seeks it out in a manner of thirst. It cannot exist within the confines of darkness too long its embers will suffocate. Love must come into contact with the source of its existence – the infinite that supplied it with its warmth to nurture the coldest heart. Shameful of its potential not realized truly whilst unable to be reunited with the essence of its nature love then ceases. Love will hibernate waiting to be reincarnate within the seed of the host who bears the next generation.

To truly maximize upon its potential love must connect authentically within self first before any recipient is able to nurse from its energy. Clarity from its atmosphere commands freedom a necessity to explore, pursue and evolve. Our identities are held within its confines along side our future and hopes. Finding someone that shares understanding of this deepest expression is like receiving an appreciated breeze across a sweated brow on a hot summer Brooklyn day. In response the body releases laughter, a sigh, a thank you to the Creator for supplying our need.

Marriage should only be an extension of this expressed love. It must be second place to the above, it must come after love with self is actualized. Far too often marriage is the goal for which many do not survive. Unable to endure playing the long game and too easily dismantled by life’s hurdles. When it is done is reverse Internal fissures become external pressures that are offloaded on our partners. In this new time we are the prayers of the past come to fruition. Our love must take a new shape as it honors both past and present. Every week for the month of May we will reflect together. The saying goes April showers bring May flowers. Reflection should give you a hint if you are in bloom and ready to begin the journey to the alter. As always we are a community so share your thoughts.

Art credit: Colorful Quilted Artwork; Eve’s Garden by Bisa Butler.

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