Get Up Graded With The Natural Beauty of Mahir Floral & Event Designs

Feel free to bring me flowers every day if they are coming from Mahir Floral’s Boutique in New York City.

For many of us reading this that live in New York City know the flower district in the heart of Manhattan.  For me, it has been over 30 years of frequenting the market and enjoying the beautiful assortment of flowers either shopping for my then business, my bridal salon or producing one of our client’s wedding, or soiree’s.

Sad to say the market has changed drastically, many of these creatives have left the area for various businesses. But as I helped produced my daughter’s wedding Mahir’s was definitely one of the boutiques we walked into and fell madly in love with the well-curated arrangments. Very inspirational work.

Therefore we were thrilled to recommend them to join us at Bridelux in New York City at the illustrious Intercontinental Hotel Barclay.



So as you newly engaged couples continue to search out your vendors and create mood boards for your wedding you may want to scout out Mahir Floral & Event Design, they are a full-service production company that has been lead by Abu Pabel for the past 10 years. After walking in and speaking to Ana Marie, Sales & Marketing Associate, frantic and in need of an installation for our upcoming event they came to through beautifully.

We had an opportunity to ask them a few questions to see how qualified they were to host you our reader’s upcoming wedding.  No wedding is ever the same so finding a florist that creates pretty flowers is one thing.  But finding someone that has the skill to create, design a space and the imagination to blow you away is a whole other thing.

The creative team of Mahir is not only qualified to work on designing flowers, but they are also skilled in draping, lighting crafting custom structures to create one-of-a-kind art pieces for your events.


We were curious as to the size of the team and their ability to get around well beyond Manhattan and New York and they assured us that this was absolutely no problem. They are well-staffed with talented artists that are capable of taking on any task.  When asked what are some of the challenges– their response was brilliant. I would say that always is a challenge, but nothing is impossible. ”



The inspiration comes naturally to this seasoned group of artists that take pride in their work and look forward to serving and creating for others on so many special occasions.

I was also very curious how would they feel working with a couple that already had a wedding planner, how open were they to it. And as the professionals they are their responses: “Both, we work with the couples directly and the designated planners as well.”

How many in the team at Mahr: 4 designers and two freelancers.  In our company in total, 20 people.

And as far as destination weddings we wanted to know if it was out of the question and to our surprise–“Of course, we produce destination weddings.”



So there you have it–designers that work well beyond the basics. So just for the fun of it head over to Mahir and check out their masterpieces.  Tell them World Bride Magazine sent you.

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