Canada’s Hidden Gem — Manoir Hovey

As the sun sets, all I can imagine is a wedding taking place on the set of this picturesque landscape. The view was divinely designed and tucked away between the beautifully lined trees with a lakeside view–the place, Manoir Hovey in North Hatley, Canada.


Although we came in the midst of the winter season I could see the beauty of this majestic oasis of a place with its illustrious grounds covered with snow, and what should be leaves covering the trees is now replaced by the beautiful white flakes of snow seem perfectly natural.


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As we drive up to the entrance of the property and make our way to the front desk we are greeted by the front desk reception with a warm smile that made the three-hour drive from Quebec all so worth it.  As we often say, “nothing beats great customer service.”

As we gather our things and make the walk to the room, we are greeted by other staff members on the grounds all welcoming to what will be our home for the next day.  The grounds are absolutely magnificent, and the room well designed with an elegantly cozy feel that will take your breath away.





As we got a brief tour of our room with a full explanation of how to work everything our excitement grew.  We were left to rest and gather ourselves for our 8 pm dinner reservation in the main dinning room, which we could not wait for but exhaustion took over and we fell into the bed and it all felt right.  Dinner is set for two schedules for guests,  and early dinner or late dinner so we had just enough time to take a nap and freshen up.



Dining Like Royalty

As we entered into the dining room we passed the beautifully designed lounge area, the reading room, we could definitely see why this is a Relias Chateaux property.  The aspects were clearly defined by our experience at Manoir Hovey. Service is their number one priority.  Luxury has a different meaning for different people, like high standards, excellence, quality, ambiance, which are among the necessary ingredients that make this a life experience designed for royalty without the pretentious undertone.



Manoir Hovey is fully equipped for any wedding, private group celebrations.  But for the sake of this article we will focus on the weddings.  It is fully equipped to cater to your wedding planning needs.  They can definitely plan a beautiful private, intimate soiree for 2 to 4 people or a little over 100 people comfortably without missing a beat. Because the venue is quaint enough they can design your wedding, reception a la carte without a hitch.

We had the pleasure of even seeing the back of the house and meeting the Chef and boy what an experience that was.  To be able to see this was like seeing a well-orchestrated classical concerned with a full orchestra. Simply brilliant. What an honor.

Our food was perfectly paired off with each dish that we had the pleasure of enjoying for our eight-course meal. One after one as each dish made its way to my table I was given a full description of what I would be eating and why the glass of wine was chosen for me.  Magnificent experience.




Managing Your Expectation

Therefore as you search for a venue to host your destination wedding, it is very important that you take into consideration your guests, the capabilities of the staff to execute your vision in a seamless well-curated way that will be memorable to all partaking.





As we gather all the pertinent information to present to you our readers, we know that it is simply not how great the food is, and how friendly the staff is, nor how beautiful the room is, but the capabilities of servicing a group of people of various backgrounds, needs, and expectations for your wedding.  So as we observed the interactions of the staff with the other guest.  We noticed that this diverse staff was made up of people from various walks of life– Canadians, Europeans, African, Latina were just a few I was able to interact with on this short visit.  Many of them spoke a minimum of two languages including their native tongue.  Talk about being impressed– I was sold.



So do we think you can have an exquisite wedding in Canada at Manoir Hovey–without a doubt.

So if you have not yet booked your location you may want to take a trip to Manoir Hovey and see what available dates are left for your upcoming wedding.

Bon voyage, and Congrats on your upcoming wedding.




Keep in mind based on season prices vary so that can be used to your advantage. Winter weddings could be absolutely stunning on Manoir Hovey.

Keep in mind that if you are not a Canadian and depending on where you are traveling from the exchange rate can be a benefit.  For us, as American’s, we were able to get almost a 30% discount after an exchange of our dollars.  Score. So do the math–but don’t compromise on quality.

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