Paris Haute Couture Printemps-Été 2020 – Designer Highlights – ADELINE ZILIOX

Designer-ADELINE ZILIOX Défilé Couture Collection Printemps Eté 2020, Imaxtree photography

The ‘Source of Life’ takes us to Adeline Ziliox’s Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2020 presentation at the Hotel Le Marois. Ziliox’s eco-consciousness of picturesque fountains, streaming waterfalls, tropical forests and the intricate systems of our planet is celebrated as an homage displayed in her use of bold color, fabric compilation  and sharp feminine tailoring techniques within her collection.


‘Futuristic’ and vivid best describes my overall feel of the show. As the crystalized elements layer our earth, so is it with the fabric mixture that offers a sheen that is brilliant, youthful and galactic. The hand embroideries overlaid represent our lively landscapes in which we live and enjoy. True to her reputation, Ziliox presents a work, far ahead of the trends, for the fiery woman; independent, determined and overall confident.

Couples looking to push the traditional bridal looks past them and present an unconventional story for your wedding season, start here. Be inspired by those who were daring enough to have family and loved ones dress in bold, edgy looks to all of their engagement events up until the very wedding day. You all can literally step into your new life with confidence that is both memorable and fashionable.

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