Let’s Talk About Mental Health with Licensed Psychologist Dr. Michelle Morancie During This Covid-19 Crisis

For many, working from home may be normal. For others, it is proving to be very challenging. Especially if the weather is beautiful outside, combined with the lack of freedom to leave one’s home freely as we once did.

Like all of us imperfect children of the Almighty, whenever we are told not to do something it seems that is when it proves to be even more of a temptation to defy the request. WE MUST REFRAIN OURSELVES. RESIST the temptation of being disobedient. See the long term benefits of staying at home. The longer it takes for us to fall in line the longer the quarantine and the greater the risk.

This is not a video game in which you can hit the reset button. At least not you! You, nor the doctors don’t have the power to resurrect you or your loved ones if you fall asleep in death.
And as far as medical science knows you only have one superpower now— the power to drag people with you with this Covid-19.

Our whole lives have changed from what feels like an overnight chain of events, things that are out of our control. No one could have prepared us for the constant change that seems to be taking place. The future seems dim and that renders us helpless.

For many who were planning their weddings, the world seems ever so complicated and is cause a tremendous amount of anxiety in addition to the ones you were already experiencing when you actually started planning your soiree.

In response to the chain of world events taking place in an attempt to help all of us cope with the extreme circumstances, we invited psychologist Dr. Michelle Morancie to help us better understand some of these challenges we are currently facing. We asked her for some creative ways to assist our readers on how to make the best of this situation the whole world finds itself facing under quarantine in our homes with limited contact with the masses.


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World Bride Magazine and MLM Represents team are creating a series of videos and articles to help you pass the time with your beloved and your family safely in your homes.

Your elected officials, around the world, are working overtime to ensure our safety as much as they humanly can. Work with them and heed the warnings. Stay home.   Entertainers such as DJ Nice, Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, and their teams are brilliantly collecting information from around the world while entertaining us!

We even have the amazing MET Opera providing us with nightly performances right in the comforts of your home. I encourage you to support the arts when you can and make donations to reputable organizations that are providing comfort to those in need and have less than the average.

While the entertainment may not make the problems go away, they serve as a distraction for a short time so we can take a break from the constant bombardment of information.

What we may want to do is limit the information we take in and simply use our time wisely to keep our spirits up.  While some of us may suffer from depression and anxiety, know that you don’t have to face it all alone. There are countless people out there prepared to support you and your loved ones, just take things one day at a time.

If you feel overwhelmed and are in need of health care please don’t hesitate to call your primary physician or local authorities for services available to you. Know that it is ok to say you are not ok.

The current situation doesn’t dictate our future. Be determined to take things one day at a time. Know we are not alone.  Social Distancing is a temporary solution to a healthier tomorrow.

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