Wear What Where – Cartagena, Colombia

When World Bride Magazine asked me to come on board as their Guest Travel and Style Editor for their Latin Issue, I literally jumped at the opportunity. (I seem to do a lot of jumping as the pics below will attest!).

As I toured the beautiful city of Cartegena,  I was not only inspired by the local culture, but by the way the local women effortlessly put together their stylish looks.  Which inspired me to do further research and I was blown away by the immense depth of Colombian design talent.

There is nothing better then traveling the world and bringing back a style memento, knowing you are supporting local designers and artisans. As you prep for your honeymoon, or destination wedding, “What to pack?  What to buy?” and “Where to go? ”  are sure to be some of the questions on your mind.  Let WBM -Wear What Where be your personal style guide.


  1. Cafe Del Mar
Popular hangout for both tourists and locals to catch wonderful scenic views of the ocean while enjoying killer cocktails.
Slip into something off the shoulder and head there early to catch the glorious sunsets as tables tend to fill up rather quickly.
STYLE TIPS: As Cafe Del Mar is literally built on top of the balustrades of the walled city of Cartagena,  it is always breezy, so pack a chic pony tail holder for when you tire of having your hair whip back and forth! Also, keep in mind the steep staircases are not stiletto friendly, so a wedge will help you feel grounded while keeping you sexy.



  1.   Castillo de San Felipe

A Unesco World Heritage site, this historical fortress is a must-see destination when visiting Cartagena which boasts commanding views of the walled city, its bay and beyond.  Scheduled morning tours are best to beat the punishing rays of the mid-day sun.

STYLE TIPS: Wear something comfortable but chic (like this one-piece romper) to ensure you can navigate through the fortress’ steep staircases and narrow tunnels in style! Also, purchase a bag from one of the numerous local artisans to stash an ice-cold water bottle (trust me you’ll need it!), a change of footwear and souvenirs purchased from the pre-approved vendors lining the fort walls.

  • Romper by Zeta


2b. El Santisimo

This quaint restaurant serves as a welcome pit stop to refuel post-hike with a wide range of delicious cuisine and refreshing beverages. And somewhere to escape the rising outdoor temperatures!

STYLE TIPS: Now would be the perfect time to pull out the pareo to shield you from the air conditioning, a change of sandals, and stylish accessories  (stashed in the bag we suggested!) to transform your outfit from hiking to haute!

  1. Pareo by Antilope
  2. Sandals by Azulu
  3. Alana” earrings and “Talia” by Claudia Trejos
A very popular attraction located in the nearby Santa Catalina municipality, El Totumo is a volcanic mound filled with a warm mud alleged to have healing powers. Healing or not, it’s very relaxing floating in the dense mud, but it sure gets really messy, really quickly!
A personal massage by one of the attendants is optional, but a must after your immersion is having them bathe you clean in the nearby lagoon.
STYLE TIPS: Slip a brightly colored swimsuit under flowy caftan/romper for the trip-the brighter the better as it’s fun to rediscover it as you wash the caked-up mud off your body!
The 49 ft mound is accessible by wooden staircase leading to the crater, so keep footwear flat and comfortable.
Top outfit off with a stylish waterproof turban to keep your lustrous locks from getting muddy!
And be sure to bring an after-shower change of wardrobe- a crisp all white look will help you stand out  in style on the ride home!
Swimwear by Agua Bendita 
Turban by Mandy Tangerine
Panama hat by Valdez
Bag by Michu  
All  white outfit by Pink Filosofy 
  1. Hotel San Pedro de Majagua- Islas del Rosario 
 Located just a 45 minute boat ride away, this secluded tree lined, beach front island property is the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of the Cartagena mainland. Feel your wedding stress melt away as you drift to this luxurious eco-friendly resort is fully equipped with staff to cater to your every need.
STYLE TIPS:  You’ve obviously got the basics covered. Swimsuit? Check.  Sunscreen? Check. Sunnies? Check.  Up your style quotient by packing or purchasing the most exquisite cover ups which can move effortlessly from drinks ocean side to even more drinks at the dinner table!
Beach dress by Pink Filosofy 
Purse by Mola Sasa 
Panama Hat by Flor Amazona
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