Dr. Sampson Davis–Prescription For Covid-19 Can Save Your Life

For as long as I can remember Saturday mornings was family day– my mom would gently wake us up at an ungodly hour to give us our weekly cleansing detox regime.  Castor oil, cod liver oil, along with hot tea with lemon and honey. Every vitamin that had a letter. Then we were allowed to go back to sleep for another hour before waking up and cleaning the house as though it was a hospital ward.

Linens off, curtains down, towels, school clothes, anything that was out of place from the dressers were thrown in the laundry.  My mom had the habit of soaking the whites in bleach before taking it to the laundry.  I just didn’t understand it.  “You are washing the clothes before you wash the clothes???”

“Don’t forget to wipe the furniture with the Pledge after wiping it with a wet rag to take all the dirt out,” my mom would scream.  And don’t forget to go under the bed and move it to get all the things I know you guys hid there.”  Lord Jesus save us I would pray.

I remember being so annoyed while my neighbors, friends were outside playing, riding their bikes, jumping rope, skateboarding.  We were cleaning like we were housekeepers.  God, why me, why????

Now I find myself calling my, mommy– “Hey mom, what was that thing you did with the tea?  What did you put in it?  How much bleach do I need to soak the clothes before I burn a hole in my whites?”

Yes. What once was annoying to us as children, during this crisis is becoming an essential way of life in order to survive during this outbreak of this virus know to the world as Covid-19.  Thank you, mom and dad, for all your training.  They are definitely useful to us now.

As Covid-19, aka Coronavirus whips the world into a frenzy.  Everyone is offering their opinions, mixed with fear and tainted with hysteria. Don’t be so harsh on people– they are all valid.  We simply don’t know what we are dealing with with this novel strand of virus.  Doctors (including our very own Dr. Sampson Davis) admit that the flu, influenza has killed more people then Covid1-19.  He also admits the speed of the growth of the virus and the lack of control and having no way of testing people to accurately determine who has it is what is baffling politicians as well as the medical industry.



Dr. Davis is an Emergency Medicine Physician at several New Jersey hospitals. To give you more of a back story–this “Board Certified E.R Physician is a New York Times best selling author, philanthropist, motivational speaker, TV personality, father, and family man who is qualified to deal with a crisis of this magnitude and yet he is humble enough to admit that this is something that he and his industry are just scratching the surface on, looking for a solution.

Dr. Davis took time off his busy schedule and much-needed rest to join us for a video conversation to help us better understand what is going on and how we can deal with it.

Dr. Davis’ primary concern goes far beyond the Covid-19 disease itself. His concern is the misinformation, the anxiety, and the fear this disease is causing the masses.



He was practically begging the public to please remain calm– limit the amount of news intake which will only add to our anxiety, that will in turn cause stress, and then weaken our immune system.

When I inquired about his own routine on self-care and protection– he kept it simple and real.

“Have VISIBLE and TOTAL hygiene discipline”

  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Wash all clothing when you come from the outdoors.
  • DO NOT be outdoors unnecessarily.
  • Stay at home for your own safety.
  • Clean all surfaces thoroughly.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Do not use the emergency room unless it is an emergency.
  • Stop hoarding medical equipments that are needed for the medical professionals to use to take care of the sick
  • Check on your loved ones, neighbors and friends via call, text and virtual platforms.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • If you are part of the first respondent unit– if you feel sick seek help and stay away from others to prevent spreading.
  • Make sure you are getting your information from “reliable sources”.

While these things may seem simple in itself, we are finding that this is becoming increasingly difficult for people to follow. We even asked the big question, “should you still have your wedding during this crisis?”

For the safety of all of our readers, and not wanting to lose any more lives, we at WBM implore you all to please heed the medical advice of the professionals and stay at home.  Keep your distance.  Don’t worry so much about planning your wedding if you had dates scheduled during these next couple of months.  Your health is our priority and that of your friends and family. Live to share the moment with everyone.

WBM is doing its best to stay informed and give you protective and accurate information from credible sources that will keep us all safe.

For more information about Dr. Sampson Davis please feel free to visit his site, and follow him on Instagram @drsampsondavis.


We suggest you keep updated with the following platform for accurate information:


We also suggest no more handshaking, hugging while this crisis is at high risk.  There are more fun and creative ways we can now show love to each other:


Stay well and stay safe. This too shall pass with obedience, prayer, remaining calm, and showing compassion to one another. God does have a plan for us all.  We simply have to seek him out.

All photos courtesy of Sam Maller and his Instagram is @sam.maller.

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