Interior Designer Doreen Chambers Advises Us On Creating Beautiful Quarters During The Confines of Covid-19 And Loving It

Whether you are living in your dream apartment, the size of a walk-in closet, or your first home, straight out of a luxury magazine, one thing they both have in common: it is yours. There’s something beautifully rewarding about turning the key to your own home. While there’s no rulebook dictating the style or size of your first home, one thing we agree on is that you should be determined to make it comfortable because you will be calling it home for a while.

Hiring an interior designer is not a new concept, nor is it something that is limited to only the wealthy, contrary to what some might think. Access in today’s society is as easy as navigating on Google. There are countless experts and publications, both print and digital, that can provide you with a plethora of advice to inspire you. Those sources of inspiration can make whatever space you choose simply breathtaking.



I lean in the direction of working with an experienced designer. Hiring a professional allows for an expert approach to designing each room creatively–bringing life to each space, life that will best express the individuality of each person living there.

I know, for a fact, that my skills are limited. And worse than my limited skills is my limited time.  When presented with the opportunity to pick the brains of one of the design industry’s celebrated interior designers, you better believe I jumped on it!



Doreen Chambers, hailing from London, arrived in Manhattan to pursue a career at Estée Lauder, and later Donna Karan Cosmetics & Home. It was at Donna Karan Cosmetics & Home that she first fell in love with the process of creating, developing and accessorizing interiors.

Those skills were later put to work when Doreen became assistant to world-renowned architect, Peter Marino. On project-after-project, she saw how structures came together and how the spaces within them came to life. After going on to study at the New York School of Interior Design, Doreen founded her design studio in 2001.

Named a Next Wave Rising Star Designer by House Beautiful Magazine, Doreen draws on inspiration found in nature, fine art, theatre, fashion, food, and travel. She designs sophisticated environments with a serene ambiance for her clients, spaces where they can unwind, relax and recharge. Whether projects are big or small, the aesthetic contemporary, modern, or traditional, the timeless sophisticated homes Doreen creates are relaxed and welcoming.  Are you all impressed? I know I am.


For many of you newly-wedded, or some of you planning your weddings, you may be getting a crash course during the extended foreseeable weeks on how to live together in close quarters with no way out.  Life during quarantine is going to get a bit cozy, so snuggle up!

How are we going to make this enjoyable for both living and working without rethinking the whole relationship?  It may not be as simple as we think, but we are going to take it all in stride. Be hopeful, be patient, and make it enjoyable.


The conversation with Doreen proved to be helpful and inspirational. I left feeling inspired to redesign my space, furnishing it with the most exquisite of pieces.

The most difficult part of our conversation was actually admitting I needed the assistance, and further, being willing to relinquish my powers and trust her expert advice. I went in knowing it would be a challenge, but I was totally ready for the reward of letting go and welcoming change.

During these uncertain times, creating a loving and safe environment for you and your loved ones is what is most important.

A budget should not determine your ability to make space work.  As we continue our conversation with Doreen, she assures us there are countless stores and outlets that can cater to every budget. Luxury is more than the number of dollars in your wallet or credit limit on your credit card. Creating a feeling of luxury is rooted more in the experience and ambiance you create. Elegance, style, and class do not come with a price tag.





Doreen runs a lifestyle blog, My Perfect World on her platform that is reflective of a diary.  It is chock full of extremely detailed, almost personal, suggestions of how to cope with “today’s new normal.” You will find it extremely helpful in designing your home.


Watch the video below for full conversation.


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