As if we need one more thing to add to our must-do list, but we simply have too.  Haircare.  There is no way we can ignore our hair.  Unfortunately, if we are under any sort of stress, feeling any sort of anxiety it will manifest itself either through our skin (rashes), nails (nail biting), and hair (hair loss).

We are under extreme pressure nowadays, more than ever.  We have to take the time to stop and gather our thoughts and take a moment for ourselves.  As you are preparing for your wedding, we know for sure that you are under stress.  Note that you are not alone.  In putting these series of interviews together we wanted to make sure you felt that we understood your struggles, and we want to offer you meaningful advice to get you through the process.

While you are home under quarantine take this time to research various information needed to plan your wedding, which would include your vendors.  Your beauty experts stand ready to help you in the process of self-care and offering you private consultations right in the comfort of your home.  Don’t feel overwhelmed.  Take your time and enjoy the hair journey.  It will make you appreciate your hairstylists more.  It will also make you be very selective as to what you put in your hair–not all products are created equally.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with my hair.  I loved it until I saw someone else hair an, wondered why couldn’t my hair do that. I went through so many stages with my hair, natural, relaxed, I even had locs.  The most beautiful stage for me was when I had a buzz cut and had it colored. My long braids have always made me feel empowered, sexy, and free.  Now I rock an Afro and wear it with pride.

I have come to realize, the challenge wasn’t the texture of my hair that was the problem.  It was my lack of appreciation for it.  It provided me with so much diversity that I took it for granted.  Now I nurture it and love it.

Product’s come in an abundance nowadays.  But once upon a time, there were very very few for people of color or with a certain texture of hair.  Now we have stores filled with options and we control where we want to invest our money.

The best part of the hair journey is the professional experiences.  What do I mean by that?  There is nothing like going to a quality salon that caters to your every need from the moment you walk in through the door.

Finding a haircare specialist that you connect with is very important.  And it is no small task?  The beauty industry is a billion if not a trillion-dollar industry. There is not a shortage of salons or hairdressers in the world.  But finding the right one is going to be the most difficult task.

So our goal during your wedding process is to help you narrow it down to the top 10.  And we have been on the hunt for years.  So with great pleasure we introduce you to one of our favorites, Amoy Pitters.



The Professional

As one of the industries, most respected hair care professionals in the beauty and fashion industry, Amoy Pitters is worth the investment.  Her skills are indisputable and are a reflection of everything that is reflective of glamour and elegance from head to toe.

My relationship with her goes far beyond the pages of some of the industries most reputable brands. Goes beyond our countless experiences on the road traveling as professions. Our mutual respect and admiration for each other is the glue that binds us.  Our commitment to seeing everyone at their best is our constant conversation.

Her work has been featured in some of the fashion worlds leading publications such as Vogue, W, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Vanity Fair,
O The Oprah Magazine, ESSENCE, and British Vogue. As an influence for global fashion houses, Amoy’s work has set the tone on the runway at Chanel, Versace, Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Rodarte, Missoni, and Hermes, just to name few recognizable names that she has worked within creating absolutely beautiful hair.

Her work with the various celebrities for their red carpet appearances includes Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys, Sheryl Crow, Mariah Carey, Kerry Washington, Alfre Woodard, Joy Bryant, and Joan Smalls. Making her the perfect candidate to give advice for the most special of occasion for any woman– her wedding day.

Her success has resulted in her opening a salon in one of NYC’s hottest destinations, the Upper East Side–Amoy Couture Hair Salon, which is frequented by models, actresses, fashion and beauty insiders and influential women who love its modern vibe, excellent service and discreet staff of seasoned professionals.  The boutique provides bespoke hair extensions along with private and semi-private services strictly by appointments.  Amoy Couture is a unique sanctuary on New York’s offering quality hair care services, which include coloring, natural hair care. services to women of all ethnicities and hair textures.

With a resume like this and our years of working together, I gave it no second thought when seeking expert advice to help you our brides through your wedding planning process.

So for more information on how to get first-hand expert advice feel free to contact Amoy Couture Salon and mention World Bride Magazine.

Enjoy our interview below– be inspired.





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